Relic Amplifiers, The Gear System & Our Next Update [MEGA]

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From our Feature Producer CG_154M:

Hi Holotable Heroes,

In a few weeks, with the introduction of our next progression system – Relic Amplifiers – we are “closing off” additional gear tiers for all characters for the foreseeable future, after they reach G13. Instead, gear and future gear materials will be used to improve a character’s Relic. We will also be kicking off a new round of changes intended to make it easier for players to reach higher gear tiers and access the Relics system. (More on how this is going to work in a future post!)

The next time you enter the Character Collection view on a G13 character, after the update, here’s what you’re going to see:
Example of the new character screen once you reach G13

We believe this is a big change for the game, for us, and for you, the players. We’ve been considering this change for some time. The Gear progression system has been one of the biggest parts of perfecting your collection of characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (and a very regular point of vocal frustration). Gear has given us a lot of flexibility across releases, mainly to change and rebalance the power and utility of a large number of characters, but also to adapt to the game changing (new raids, the territory battles, etc). And while the current gear system has offered tremendous flexibility, it’s starting to show its age as a marker of status, power, and aspiration in Galaxy of Heroes. In freshening up the game’s progression systems, we hope we can take concepts and routines familiar to longtime players and put a new spin on them. We also have some long-term plans on how to make this system even more exciting to players, and more sustainable for us to update and build on, that we’ll talk more about later this year.

Finally, we’re really excited for the opportunity to make iconic items from Star Wars feel much more integrated into your character progression. As mentioned in the Road Ahead, the next progression system will be denoted by unique iconic weapons and items for every single character in your collection. Our goal is for the process of reaching G13 and unlocking this unique item to feel like a much more satisfying way of spending your time - perfecting your characters, rather than just adding another generic piece of gear.

Portrait frames will change to match your alignment once you gain access to that character’s Relic Amplifier.

We’ll talk more about Relic Amplifiers, their functionality & stat space, and how you upgrade them, in a series of follow-up posts. As with the introduction of Mod slicing last year and the rollout of Grand Arena / GAC, we will be providing a lot of context (and a lot of words) outlining our goals and getting a better sense of the feedback and needs of longtime players. Thanks for reading!



  • Iy4oy4s
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    But I want an oompa loompa...errr, info on easier gear progress now!
  • XiXiS
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    So far so good to me. I hope it won’t go downhill.
  • Bartek
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    This looks reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllyyy good! <3

    Only remember what the wise man said in the Read Ahead:
    CG_TopHat wrote:
    what if these items not only granted you immense character power, including potentially brand-new abilities, but if they were also enhanced using the massive quantities of accumulated unspent gear and materials that longtime players have piled up over years of collecting and playing?

    Can't wait!
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    So for those of us that have spent literally thousands getting to where we’re’re going to make it easier for everyone to catch up and start us on a new track?

    So us newbies who spent thousands catching up to f2p get to fall farther behind them. Everybody loses but the long time whales....
  • Rezalder wrote: »
    So for those of us that have spent literally thousands getting to where we’re’re going to make it easier for everyone to catch up and start us on a new track?

    Fear not, there will always be new ways to p2w.
  • botabu wrote: »
    So much for that “sense of pride and accomplishment” for actually finishing a character. This is getting a bit ridiculous, and prohibitively expensive to continue. The pay wall that is kryo-tech is already so over-the-top ridiculous, that when you actually finish a character gear 13 you feel like you just ran a marathon. Now you are not done? Unreal. I think I would respect you better and actually feel better about it if you just said what it is, a way for you to increase revenue.

    Done? What is Done? The concept of Done went out the window when they introduced mods. Mods are never Done.
    To early to really get bent out of shape over this. It's nice to get a little more introduction to the idea. The g13 requirement seems an appropriate gate to Relics.
  • Too soon!!!! Way to soon ... maybe in the next 6 months or so ... yeah ...
  • Nauros
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    BeralCator wrote: »
    So gear is being replaced with more different gear? Nothing to see here folks...

    Not really, this is tailor-made for each character and can provide more than just stat boosts. This has potential to shake up everything and basically rebalance the whole game, which would be very hard to do with gear alone.
  • Mzee
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    I like the sound of this. I have been wondering if this is the key to what will make territory battles in reach of completing. Currently max gear 13 meta teams can't even get to wave 4 on the final day of TB.
  • Seems like a lot of unused space on the screen, presumably for shrinking down all the useful information you might actually want to see. Spare a thought to those people that don't have perfect eyesight and don't make everything so tiny you need a magnifying glass to see it on your phone.

    You cant play what you cant see.
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