Urgent officers tools/ Squadrons-Platoons Closed-Open for deployment

Dear friends at EA.

given the complexity of this new TB we would love if it was posible for officers be able to have individual Platoons and/or Squadrons open or close for deployment of toons and ships.

Many of us still have to choose to only obtain level 1-2-3 of the ability, and communicating what Squadrons/Platoons to fill is always messy and confusing.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Note: if posible a 12 hour review after the TB Finishes with be nice!


  • Kyno
    30042 posts Moderator
    I dont know the full background of how it works but from what we were told this is not easily done and has a lot of room for "error".

    When you open a platoon you are pulling that data from the server, while you have it open it doesnt refresh. When you submit a toon to a location you are sending data and pulling a new set.

    Thia leads to that tool being less than effective and could lead to issues much like we see now with double toon assignments in platoons.

    I'm not saying thia cant be done and it would be a great tool, but there are some issues that are preventing it from being a simple tool to add.
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