Ready check #3,456,201

G11 Badstilla(zeta!)
G11 HK
G10 Carth
G8 Juhani
G8 Canderous

I will of course rip good mods to go on each of these. You know what to do, Go!


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    Unless you have really good mods that haven't been sliced to 6* yet, that's going to be quite difficult if not impossible.
  • I was g12 hk and badstilla, g10 cancerous and ordo and g8 juhani.. I walked it with average mods..
  • G11 zNasty, g10 zCarth and HK and g7 Ordo and Juhani, beat it first try wasn't that bad
  • Who's Nasty?...
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    Who's Nasty?...

    Bastilla fallen
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    Who's Nasty?...
    Process of elimination...
  • Drop a zeta on Carth's lead and you'll be fine.
  • Sharing this for visibility and for others to possibly benefit:

    My team:

    Dark Bastilla G11, with zeta, Carth, Gear 10, with zeta on Lead (no other omegas), HK-47, Gear 9, Basic and Assassination Protocol Omegas only, no zetas, Juhani, Gear 8, Omega on two Specials, no zeta, Canderous, Gear 7, 3 omega used, no zeta. Mods were mediocre, didn't shift any high speed secondary mods off other characters. Basically used some extra mods I had, with a couple +10 speed secondary. BSF had speed set, but nothing spectacular.

    Tier 4: I completed this last time around, so I dont' remember my Gear levels, but they were lower than what was stated above.

    Tier 5: I completed as is, but with Juhani at Gear 7 and neither Omega placed. This took some good RNG, reading strategy, watching videos and about 20 attempts for the optimal RNG.

    Tier 6: Despite 50+ attempts, this didn't seem possible until I pushed Juhani to Gear 8, at which point it was easy on attempt #1.

    Tier 7: Took about 3-5 attempts with the G11 Bastilla, G10 Carth, G9 HK47, G8 Juhani and G7 Canderous detailed above with specifics.
  • Took Carth to Gear 11 then was able to do it with pretty good mods. Takes some rng on tier 5 but once you clear it you're good to go. Tier 6 is a joke and tier 7 I didn't lose a single character.
  • I think I’m ready. All toons are zeta’d all skills are maxed. All mods are golden 5 stars. HK G11, BSF G11, Carth G11, Canderous and Juhani Both G10 almost G11
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