Active Guilds Looking For Players - September 2019 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Join Wayward Knights!

    Global HSTR Guild - 159 mil GP | 48 members. Key is participation and committment in TB (we do Geo TB) and TW. The raids take care of themselves 😉

    What are we looking for?

    * 2,5 million GP minimum with good squad. Players with good Separatist rosters can be accepted with less GP.
    * 600 daily raid tickets.
    * account and using Discord (

    All Heroic raids have 24 Hr signup.
    Rotating start times.
    16* on Geo TB last time around, but progressing quickly.

    Interested? Well then...don’t be shy! Shoot me a message here, in game (to ally code 726-882-483), or drop by our Discord and introduce yourself 🙂

    Peace out!
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    Brynx of Destruction

    Reset time: 6:30 EST

    Heroic Rancor
    T6 Tank
    T5 Sith T.

    17* Hoth TB
    0* Geo TB
    2/3 TW Wins

    200 raid ticket min
    All GP is welcome!

    Very active guild who has lost a majority of members to super guilds. In need of 30+ players. Have fun and play actively!
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    Join our discord server to apply! Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your profile -

    • ~216m gp
    • HSTR at 8:30 pm EST, Pit & Haat at 9 pm EST
    • 26 Geo stars - Territory Battle (28 next time)
    • In the interest of full transparency, here is our roster: Struggle Roster <--- (Click Link)


    Struggle is recruiting active, friendly players and a minimum 3.8M Galactic Power (must have JKR & DR - Strong Seps, or work in progress).

    1. Play daily - 600 raid tickets per day (unless posted AFG).
    2. Syncing your squad with is required.
    3. Joining our discord server is required.
    4. Participate in raids (zero damage counts as participation) & TW/Geo TB.
    5. That's it! It isn't much, but it helps ensure a continued active environment where daily players can enjoy the rewards from being in an active environment.

    How to apply:

    Join our Struggle Recruiting discord server -

    Chat with our officers to see if we have room and see if we are a good fit for you. Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your profile.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about things we may not have covered in this post.


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    True North Force

    SWGOH.GG -

    True North Force is a fun Canadian based guild with international members. We're looking to fill our membership roster (43/50), and are seeking active members who are interested in participating in all guild activities.

    Our current GP is 122 Million and we run Heroic Sith, Tank and Pit raids. All raids have a 24 hour join period. We sim the Pit raid, the Tank raid is completed within an hour and the Sith within 24 hours. Start times are 6pm EDT.

    We have started Geo TB(11 stars) and are looking for members to help boost our star count. We prefer recruits over 2 Million GP, but are willing to review requests on a case by case basis. We do expect new members to have or be actively working on new characters like Padme, C3PO, Chewbacca, The Revans or Brood Alpha.

    Our Discord server is mandatory as we do all our planning on it. We also expect new members to have or create profiles.

    Members are not removed for missing activities or extended absences for real life, but we do expect regular participation in all events the majority of the time. This includes making sure you join any raids and participating in Territory Battles.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to message me here or on:
    Discord Master Allan#7018
    Ally Code 698-431-888.

    Hope to see you in True North Force!
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    Die deutschsprachige Gilde "Galaktische Allianzen" sucht neue, aktive Leute.
    Wir haben im letzten Monat etwas aussortiert und sind jetzt bei 115.000.000 GM mit 40 Mitgliedern. Unser Reset ist um 19.30 Uhr MESZ.

    Was wir bieten:
    - freundliches, hilfsbereites Klima
    - Discord-Kanal vorhanden, aber bis jetzt nicht verpflichtend (sammeln dort vor allem Tipps)
    - Wir sind seit über 15 TKs ungeschlagen
    - Wir spielen abwechselnd Geonosis (6 Sterne) und Hoth-Dunkel (>33 Sterne)
    - HRancor (simuliert) startet beim Reset / HAAT startet um 20.00 Uhr MESZ (beide mit 24 stündiger Beitrittsphase)
    - Sith-Raid wird momentan auf Stufe 6 gespielt und startet am Reset. Für einen entspannten HSTR fehlen uns schätzungsweise 2-3 Leute mit jeweils 2-3 HSTR-Top-Teams

    Was wir suchen:
    - aktive, freundliche Leute, die täglich Raid-Tickets abliefern und regelmäßig an den Gilden-Events teilnehmen
    - Ihr solltet über >2,5 Mio GM und mindestens 2 der aktuellen Top 5 Teams mit Gear 12 verfügen (Darth Revan, Jedi-Revan, Grievous, Padmé, CLS (+JTRey))

    Wenn ihr Interesse oder Fragen habt, gerne per PN bei mir melden! ^^
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    Looking for a chill but active guild? 197M GP. 25* GEOTB. 2 spots
    We are an active guild that encourages growth...but we don't have a ton of rules and we don't stress about being the best. We welcome anyone that is active. We keep things relaxed and fun, and mostly PG lol.
    Join before TW starts!
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    North American Guild of 173 million GP just had a couple spots open due to long time players having to leave the game. We can possibly make room for 3 if needing to take in a group. Looking for players that are active. (That means plays daily get as close to 600 tickets a day as possible, will attack in TW and do missions in TB). Currently get 20* in Geo DS TB with 2 Wat shards. If you can add to that total bonus points for you :). HPIT is on auto and goes on average every 2nd day, HAAT averages every 3rd day at 10pm Eastern and HSTR every 4th day at 8pm Eastern. Must have discord to help officers prepare for TW and TB but do not have to actively chat on it as most members prefer in game chat. If you are interested message me your or ally code.
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    Revenge Alliance
    Our guild stats:
    GP 187M
    Geo = 20
    Dark = 45
    Light = 43
    HPit: 3-4 times a week, 24 hours no damage rule applies.
    HAAT: 2-3 times a week, 24 hr no dmg rule applies
    STR: Farming HSTR 2-3 times a week
    What we expect of you:
    Line is Required
    Signup for
    TB/TW participation compulsory (within reason).
    GP > 2.8m but negotiable depending on your characters/teams.
    600 tickets (daily)
    If you're interested please contact one of our leaders on Line: diablos17 or Nolocke
    You can look at our alliance here:
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    298th Tie Squadron is recruiting! Casual guild with a competitive edge.
    Our guild is looking for a few fresh recruits! We’re a casual guild with focused goals, active leadership, and we’re flexible with our requirements - we get that real life comes first. We're looking to find active players who engage with their guild-mates, participate in all guild activities, and work towards improving their roster to help the guild as a whole. We also want you to have fun with it - if you want to 7* G12 CUP, we'll support you in your endeavors :)
    About the 298th:
    • 147.5M GP guild with 47/50 slots filled
    • US-based with players from different time zones
    • We generate close to 23k tickets daily.
    • HAAT and Rancor are on farm with a 24 hour join period beginning at 7pm CST.
    • HSTR is on farm and begins at 9am CST. Join period begins at 7pm CST.
    • Geo TB: 12*
    • Hoth TBs: Dark Side 42* // Light Side 40*
    • Winning TW record
    • Strong guild push to gear Separatists for Geo TB and focusing on Galactic Republic for future LS Geo TB.
    • Responsive and engaged leadership
    • 17 Darth Revans // 27 JKR // 12 Malak
    Our Requirements:
    • 2M GP (or less if your roster is focused)
    • Discord, as we use it to communicate but you don’t have to be active in the server
    • Full participation in guild activities
    • Complete your dailies
    • Communication if you'll be away from the game for more than a few days
    Contact: DarthHannah
    • Ally code: 375-895-799
    • Discord: hannahg#6315
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    180 Mil Guild Seeking a few New Focused Members


    Looking for up to 8 new members.
    Current Guild GP - 180 Million
    Guild Reset @ 10:30pm EST
    Daily participation is required as is Discord Communication.
    All Heroic Raids on Farm
    Average Territory Battles 46 ☆
    Geonosis Territory Battle 19-21 ☆

    Discord Contact: Vengefulcruelty#9264
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    We are a group of 4 with an average gp of 1.5million starting a new guild. All levels welcome but recommend you have at least one character at 7* so you can score some gear when we run heroic raids (haat and hRancor).

    This will be a casual guild but ask that you sign in regularly (at least a couple times a week) to help us gather those raid tickets.

    Guild name is Padawans and Masters
    Open registration!
    The leader is on discord:
    Yodeling Yoda#0571
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    United Without Limits is looking for players JUST like YOU!!! We are a family of 11 guilds ranging from 100m to 210m+ GP. We operate independently of each other, but band together to recruit, commune, and share SWGoH wisdom!

    We are instrumental in the SWGoH community, running both the Guild Recruitment Discord Server and hSTR Project Server, Planet Coruscant.

    What we bring to the table:
    - Wide range of playing styles, from casual to ultra hardcore.
    - Many different raid times, suited to people all over the world.
    - International membership.
    - Crucial knowledge and understand of SWGoH, to help players at all levels of the game grow into BAMFs.
    - Unrivaled camaraderie.

    What we expect from you:
    - Consistent play. All guilds have different ticket quotas, some super lax, some super strict, and everything in between.
    - 1.5m+ GP for our casual guilds, 4m+ for our ultra hardcore guilds. Lots in between.
    - Respectful communication. Relaxed, but fun!
    - Desire to learn and improve.

    Come check out all of our guilds on our recruitment center:
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    Wardawgs wants you!
    Casual and friendly guild looking to bolster team members.
    Ideally looking for gp 750k+
    We're 68m GP
    Tier VI sith raid
    Win% around 90% in TW
    24 stars approx in TB

    Ally code 598-928-241 send me a message
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    **2 Spots Open**

    - 220mil
    - 48/48 Dark TB
    - 45/45 Light TB
    - 24*+ Geo TB
    - Need to be 3.8mil+
    - East Coast Guild, relaxed setting with all veteran players
    - Heroic Everything

    Ally Code: 519-355-155

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    Nerdaholics Anonymous is looking for 3-5 new recruits. We are cutting away some of the inactive members hoping to restore some balance to the game. We are a laid back guild that can be a lot of fun, but some of our members have taken the "laid back" a little too seriously. We want people that like the game, like to play the game, and improve.

    Heroic Rancor - On SIM
    Heroic Tank - On farm with rotating start times for different time zones (SOLOs allowed)
    Heroic Sith - On farm with rotating start times for different time zones
    All have a 24 hour join period followed by free for all.

    Not a heavy focus for our guild. This is one area where inactives have really hurt us. We do meet the minimum requirements to have 3 zetas for a win and 2 zetas for a loss.

    We run a rotation of TBs. We do DS, LS, Geo, Geo. We do this to help our members with Malak get more Guild Currency to rank him up faster. Once that has exhausted its usefulness, we will be going to Geo TB 100% of the time.
    LS TB - 42* on last attempt
    DS TB - 43* on last attempt
    Geo TB - 13* on last attempt (our inactive members are really hurting us here)

    Requirements to join:

    600 Daily Raid Tickets Strongly Expected.
    Discord Chat is used for Strategy and communication
    No Forced Farming
    Communicate moments of inactivity
    Just play the game...Don't be a Leech
    2.5M GP (Can be lower with a quality focused roster)

    Contact me here or in Discord using DarkHelmet#5092
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    200M+ GP Hardcore Guild, Tempered Straw Hats.

    SWGOH GG Link:

    Guild Info:
    Location: Mostly US based.
    Language: English.
    GP: 205M GP
    Raids: All 3 Heroic Raids on farm. Run 2-3 every week based on raid tickets.
    TB: 24* in last Geo TB. 10 Wat Shards and growing. This is our top priority.
    TW: We go all out on a winnable TW.
    GA: Not required, but highly recommended. Lots of help available for team comps.

    Very active guild. Strong leadership and well organized. All adults. Friendly and fun environment. Our guild is a top guild within the Tempered Alliance. Access to substantial amount of information on all aspects of SWGOH to help improve your game and roster.

    Mandatory Requirements:
    600 Daily Raid Tickets
    Participate in TB / TW.

    Desired Stats:
    3.75M+ GP (GP negotiable depending on Roster)
    Darth Revan, Malak, JKR, GG, Padme

    Discord Contact for Admission Requests:
    Gen Snoogins#6562

    Tempered Straw Hats Discord:
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    OB 1 More Round ( is currently looking for 4 more players who enjoy the game and are looking to thrive in a stable, fun-loving environment.

    We’re currently focused on having fun, socializing, farming shards from all three Heroic Raids and gaining stars in the GeoTB.

    We just made room and am a 160 M GP guild that does HRancor and HAAT two-three times a week. We’ve won 65 TWs so far, many against much stronger guilds. We earned 20 stars last Geo TB and got close to one more. We could use your help to get there.

    If you want more fun out of this game without any stress or drama, send me a PM here or on Line ID: beer-buddy or Discord at beerbuddy#2019
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    Knights of Canada is recruiting 140m – HSITH and Geo TB 11*

    Knights of Canada
    140 mil GP – 49 members
    Guild reset 7:30pm PST

    HPit - simmed
    HAAT – 24 hour join period
    HSITH – 24 hour join period
    Geonosis TB 11*

    Guild Requirements:
    Minimum level 85
    DAILY participation
    TB involvement expected
    3 day absence rule (unless you notify the guild)

    We are a friendly and active group that is looking for an active member to round out our ranks. We offer a relaxed and supportive guild that will help you become a stronger/better player while keeping the game fun! Bring your friends if you like.

    Ally Code: 716-446-857
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    Edit - we’ve filled our available slots, thanks for all the interest.
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    104M GP
    33/45 Hoth LS
    35/48 Hoth DS
    9/33 Geo TB

    If you’re an active player looking for a guild focused mostly in TBs and TWs, with relaxed atmosphere where you can improve your roster, this is definitely your place. We will be happy to receive your visit in our server

    **Currently working to become hSTR guild without the help of mercs, accounts with JTR and NS teams preferred.**

    Focusing on Hoth TBs, occasionally doing Geo TB.

    Active players looking to grow are more important than GP requirements. Most importantly, is recruiting in-line with the great culture we have created.

    Requirements to join:

    1) profile
    2) discord
    3) 1.5M GP (exceptions could be done, looked case-by-case)

    What we ask from guild members:

    1) Participation in TB and TW
    2) 600 raid tickets (life happens, we don’t boot for missing)

    What we offer in return:

    1) friendly and supportive discord community: lots of advice, lots of fun
    2) Heroic Rancor, Heroic Tank, T6 Sith (we could run hSTR, but launch will depend on availability of mercs)


    Note: to search in-game for guilds, type PowerfulLightside, one word
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    Inglørious Blasters Link

    75m gp guild, a part of the Divergents Alliance, is looking for recruits.
    Come for fun and to learn about the game or come just to have a relaxed fun time.
    - Guild Reset at 1:30pm est
    - Hpit, Haat and t6 sith.
    - Raid times rotate 2/7pm est
    - 25/25 LS/DS TB
    - 17-0 TW record
    - RL > SWGOH
    - We understand life comes first, all we ask for is some communication.

    Our only requirements are:
    - 1m GP or higher
    - Communicate (will be booted, if inactive without notification, after a week)
    - profile is preferred but not required
    - Have fun!

    Stop by our recruiting server.

    Discord Server Link

    Ask for Amos or Taj

    Or feel free to DM me.
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    106M GP and growing

    We are a multi-cultural guild with 49 members from all over the world, including US, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Scotland and South Africa looking for a new member to complete our team.

    We are very relaxed with few rules but would like people who are active, social,-enjoy having a good banter, loyal-we don't want to be a stepping stone guild. Must have at least a 7* Han Solo. (A light side Revan would be a plus). A Discord account is a must as we do all our communication on there.

    We are completing HPIT (1 Han away from simming) and HAAT raids often and are close to HSITH - we alterante between Hoth Battles and Geo Battles.

    Come join us!
    Contact via Discord app

    Or in game using ally code 485-353-291
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    Cloud City Insurgency (CCI)
    Fully Heroic 181 M+ GP guild

    We are a European guild and are looking for an active player in order to replace a player who quit.

    We have:

    • 49/50 Members
    • 29k+ tickets daily
    • HPIT on sim, HAAT, HSTR (0 dmg/24 hours)
    • hAAT: 19:00 CEST* (UTC+2), hSTR: 20:00 CEST (UTC+2)
    *CEST: Central European Summer Time
    • Guild Refresh: 18:30 CEST (UTC+2)
    • 22☆ Geonosis TB, very close to 3 more stars
    • A structured TW tactic
    • A very friendly community as part of the 12 guild alliance 'Broken Legion'

    We want/require:

    • 2.5+ million GP (we may take in lower GP players with good arena rank)
    • Daily 600 tickets
    • Discord
    • account
    • participation in TB, TW

    Please contact me directly on discord (DarthSolman#0587) or come and visit our recruit server ('Broken Legion' alliance)
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    7 Days to Raid.

    1 spot available (may be able to make more for right group)

    130 GP

    13 Star Geonosis, looking at 14-15 next one.

    Win 90%+ Territory Wars

    HSith at 7EST. 11PM UTC
    HAAT. + HPIT at 9EST, 1AM UTC

    We want active folks working towards Geonosis

    Discord encouraged. Swgoh account required.

    Message me on discord at ec8or#2727
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    OB 1 More Round ( just added two great players and we have room for two more who enjoy the game and are looking to thrive in a stable, fun-loving environment.

    We’re currently focused on having fun, socializing, farming shards from all three Heroic Raids and gaining stars in the GeoTB.

    We just dropped a few inscribed and are a 165 M GP guild that does HRancor and HAAT two-three times a week. We’ve won 66 TWs so far, many against much stronger guilds (11 TW win streak going). We earned 20 stars last Geo TB and got close to one more. We could use your help to get there.

    If you want more fun out of this game without any stress or drama, send me a PM here or on Line ID: beer-buddy or Discord at beerbuddy#2019
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    Red5Rogue2: 130 Million GP Strong

    Recruiter (PhoTime) Ally code: 187-815-362
    Discord (PhoTime#1654):
    LINE CHAT recruiter in-game name (however we are phasing out of LINE and prefer Discord): PhoTime1982

    Very friendly and family orientated chat environment, and willing to help build elite squads with you. We use Discord to send announcements, raid alerts, strategies, and general communication.

    Currently, 49 active (1 inactive member which is why we are at 50) in the family with a 129 million++ strong Guild Power.

    The majority of us use SWGOH.GG, but this is optional. We are happy to assist you in setting this up though, if needed.

    Heroic Rancor: Roughly every 1-2 days with 24 hour join period starting at 3:30pm PST.

    Heroic HAAT: Roughly every 1.5 days with a 24 hour join period starting at rotating times either are 8:00am PST or 3:30pm PST (rotations occur to help make it seem like we have a raid consistently every 2 days and to help multiple members in various time zone).

    Sith Triumvirate Raid: once about every 2 days.

    TB: Currently, we are averaging 34 and 35 stars with Light Side and Dark Side battles, respectively. However, we are ONLY running Geonosian TB with an average of 15 stars.

    TW: We have several members that have impeccable teams both for offense and defense. Holding our own, but looking to bolster the ranks (about 85% win rate)!

    600 TICKETS DAILY, we ask that you play as often as possible, but ask that you give us a heads up if you will be away for a period of time to help prevent removal from guild. Also, we understand we all have lives outside SWGOH, but do your best to participate in ALL events.

    Player requirements:
    2 million GP (But, willing to help all because we were once where you were and understanding what it takes to build on loyalty. Contact me if less than 2 million to improve your chances to join us, all GP are negotiable)

    Jedi Knight Revan and/or Darth Revan squads are preferred however there is no character requirements.
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    117M GP

    Recruiter: ObiWanJabroni
    Discord: ObiWanJabroni#2659

    Reset Time is 7:30 PM EST

    Raid Tier: HEROIC ON ALL with a 24hr join period. Raids are launched as soon as ticket requirement is met (so 7:30 PM EST) HPIT is sim'd, free for all after the join period on HAAT & HSITH

    TW Record is 55-10

    TB: 10* Avg on Genosian and growing

    We have a 3 day inactivity rule and LVL 85 requirement. No ticket requirement seeing as everyone plays daily anyway. Event participation is expected (we're all a team)

    About us: Pestilence is the awesome compilation of 2 older guilds that was formed in order to qualify for Genosia. We are a band of brothers and a few sisters from all over the nation just havin a good time growin in game and ****'n through real life together. We currently have 45 or so daily competitive players and are looking for a few good recruits. We use Discord for most in game coordination as well as a lot of extra curricular activities. We also use it for MSF where we have a guild as well. If you're interested, hit me up in game or on discord.

    If you're lookin for a group that plays hard, yet understands real life gets in the way sometimes ✔ YOU FOUND IT

    Lookin for all Heroic ✔ FOUND IT

    Lookin for fun folks to **** bout rl, music, sports etc. ✔ FOUND IT

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    Too Old for This Sithh

    190MM GP guild

    47/50 members currently


    Recuiter - ObrizWan - 658-872-798

    Reset time - 7:30PM EST

    Raid Time - 7:00PM EST

    All raids Heroic

    Pit raid is 24 hour join, on sim, usually 3-4 per week

    HAAT is 24 hour join, FFA once it opens, 2-3 times per week

    HSTR is 24 hour join, FFA once it opens, 2 times per week

    LS TB - 45*
    DS TB - 47*
    Geo TB - 19* (really close to 20 on the last one)

    We are a laid back guild, but really press for full participation in TB/TW. Sometimes real life gets in the way, and that's ok as long as you communicate. Using discord is highly encouraged, but I wouldn't say mandatory.
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    We are the Galactic Sith Empire!
    The Galactic Sith Empire is actively recruiting to fill our empire. Whether you are a brand new player or a very experienced player we have a home for you. Each guild runs and maintains there own discord servers, but we also have a Allaince server to pass information on and mingle with one another. Each guild is run independently and no overlords allowed. We can accommodate up to 30+. No GP requirements to join. We have spots to fill within each guild. We are a community geared to helping each other. We can accommodate guilds as well, as we are looking to grow our reach within the galaxy. If interested please don't hesitate to contact me or jump into our joint server. Look forward to hearing from you!


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    We are a long-established, independent guild focused on working together to maximize our enjoyment of SWGOH. Most of the players have been together for 2+ years, like to joke around and have a good time. We enjoy strategizing on mods, TW/GA and how best to get the upcoming characters with minimal spending.

    -180mm+ GP
    -79-7 in TW (we like to win)
    -21* in Geo TB
    -Every raid on farm with a rotating schedule for each (times CST)
    -Active on discord (but not required)

    We like to maintain a balance of being highly active without being oppressive. We do not require a mandatory 600 tickets but most members achieve that and the guild usually generates 28k+ tickets daily. We expect everyone to participate in the daily events for the benefit of the guild.

    We are looking for players who have at least 2mm GP, are ideally top 50 in arena with a working knowledge of mod usage. F2P, krakens and everyone in between are welcome (we currently have many of each). Feel free to message me with any questions
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