On Gen Skywalker Unlocking at 5* and GET1



  • Doesn't really matter. Not many will unlock him
  • Once I had seen the requirements for crew members to be at relic level 3 for a 5* character, I knew this was it for me. It's just not fun anymore. I'm not F2P, not a whale by any means. Feels like a running joke that was started a year ago. See how far they can milk this thing while stringing us along. Drop gear 13, then relics, then make that the requirement for your ships to survive this event before folks have time to prepare.

    "Oh, but wait you can buy the relic upgrades for $99."

    And, for what? I don't have those crew members at gear 13 yet to even apply relics. Even if I did I'd probably get to the next stage and realize I can't do anything without buying another pack to upgrade another character. The game used to be fun, that's long gone.
  • This whole event is a joke where even the oldest, toughest players struggle to win. 5* and then you will need 3-4 months to 7* this bad boi if you didn't put tokens aside. I really don't know what the devs were thinking.

    For other players highlighting that this is a F2P event, yeah, it may be, check how many people will unlock him...

    Anyway, whoever unlocks Gen Anakin have fun! And hopefully, your struggle wasn't in vain.
  • Only a few unlocked GAS (as it was announced what was needed only a couple days before the event), and most of us are saving zetas and gearing toons for the next go around.

    Everybody has fair warning that GET tokens are needed, as was the case for Malak.

    The acquisition and leveling of meta toons is a long-term process. These people shouldn't be in territory wars and grand arena the day after the event. There is still some learning process in the community of what these toons do and how to counter them.

    I disagree completely with the OP. If CG were to follow his recommendations, it would be a mess. It's good as is.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.
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