California Power Outages - General Skywalker event



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    Did not answer the (non) question.
    I need a new message here.
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    There's a war going on in my country (seriously). Can we push the event 3 weeks?
    Which country are you in?


    Maybe dont invade people

    I don't invade people, do you?

    Only turkey

    Only turkey invades people? That's rather laughable. Guess who just left.

    Turkey has been responsible for some terrible things and still refuse to own up to them. It's sick.

    Name literally any country and you’ll find atrocities they refuse to acknowledge. Turkey’s no different from the rest of us except that one time they banned a cool hat.
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    The problem isn’t the wildfires. The problem is that PG&E is a monopoly and has no incentive to do literally any maintenance on their power lines because you have no other alternative.

    So last year when their poorly-maintained lines sparked the fire that burnt down an entire town and killed actual people they were fined heavily. But then they declared bankruptcy so they wouldn’t have to pay the fine. Fast forward to today and PG&E still hasn’t done any maintenance (but they HAVE given their executives $11 million in bonuses) so to prevent more fires they’re just shutting off power to hundreds of thousands of people.

    And it’s all legal. Because capitalism is a scam perpetuated by monopolists and syndicalists.

    Lol u lr blaming srong ppl but i see it would fall on deaf ears

    Really? And pray tell who the right people are. Sure is nice to know that I shouldn’t blame the person who turned off my power for turning off my power because it was actually someone else who did it. I’m especially eager to hear what someone who doesn’t live in California or deal with PG&E on a daily basis can teach me about the thing that is happening to me.

    I live in so cal. But as you usual ignorance reigns supremw

    Just the where i live part cant get into the ignorance part of blaming capitalism instead of liberal GOV regulations in the clown world state.... opposites day i guess

    Ultra blames capitalism for everything bad in world when its his government socialist nightmare causing the issues..... kids these days
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    So am I the only one actually laughing at the idea of EA postponing their big whale fest for something as trivial as forest fires and natural disasters? They'll run the event from their bunker. It's payday and they won't let anything stop that, I'd think the reasonably priced packs in the store made that clear...
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    Its funny to think one little state in USA should count for a whole delay of an event
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