238m EU guild- 13* LS geoTB, 29* DS geoTB

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Independent guild

We are a full participation guild, our leadership ensures we are well organized for TB/TW along with making sure we get 30k tickets each day. Our current guild focus is Geo TB, farming the teams required to gain higher rewards and complete more of the special missions. We have a good strategy for TW and our officers evaluate after every TW and we also track our members to make sure everyone pulls their weight!

LS Geo TB 13 stars
5 KAM shards, depends on RNG
DS Geo TB - 29 stars
30 Wat Tambor shards, always increasing
Good TW winning record
Rancor SIM
Heroic sith Raid 1400 + 2000 UTC rotation
30k tickets daily


Our requirements to join are:
600 daily tickets
4mil GP minimum
Arena higher than 50
Fleet rank top 50
Required squads - Darth Revan/malak, Padme, Greivous, Geos, negotiator/malevolence
Swgoh. gg account
Active in all aspects of the game

If anyone is interested PM me. I will respond as soon as I can
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