Developer Q&A - 12/04

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

The team is getting ready for the Q&A at 12:30pm PT today. We've got a bunch of questions that we answering already from the survey so post your questions in the thread and we'll try to answer as many as we can live!

Today's Categories:
Who's Here Today:
  • CG_Tophat - Live Producer
  • CG_SvenGG - Sr. Game Designer
  • CG_Vyeking - Creative Director
  • CG_Cyanides - Data Analyst/Lead Product Manager
  • CG_Miller - Senior Game Designer
  • CG_RagingSpaniard - Sr. Artist
  • CG_SBCrumb - Sr. Community Manager

EDIT: We are getting start in about 20 minutes.
EDIT: The team has answered a ton of questions that I still need to post and many of stayed extra long today. I won't be gathering any more questions from the thread at this time but most answers live shortly!
EDIT: Alright folks, I'm going to wrap up. I've added more responses to each of the categories. Thanks for coming folks. I'm sorry we didn't get to every question!
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    TOPIC: General

    Q: Guilds may be great for big groups of friends but I am a solo player. How can I get raid only gear if I am the only member of my guild producing raid tickets and/or taking part in raids and/or territory battles?
    • A: Tophat - We made a decision a long time ago about how important/required guilds would be. We decided on making a significant part of the game experience related to guilds. We have no plans in changing the structure of how the rewards or experience of guilds play out. The short answer is you'll need to join a larger guild if you want a regular flow of those items.

    Q: Are we getting any closer to having a more organized way to farm gear? Still waiting for that QOL update where we can choose "favorite" gear to farm it without going through character interfaces.
    • A: CG_SvenGG - We are exploring a feature to rework the inventories to introduce a gear inventory, which could introduce functionalities like favoriting gear or crafting and finding gear regardless of character requirements. There is a bit of a UX and data puzzle to unravel, and the work needs to be balanced against other features including game modes. It is on our radar and we have thought through it to the point of writing design documents and creating wireframes.

    Q: Would it be possible to pick between both old TB's while still alternating LS & DS Geo TB? The content is very old at this point, but our guild still doesn't have the Probe Droid across the board (and I don't believe anybody has a 7*). We've graduated to DS Geo TB, but we've been able to alternate between standard Imperial DS TB and Geo. Now with the release of LS Geo TB we're losing the opportunity to alternate DS TB's and we've got no further use of the LS Rebel TB, and are probably years away from doing LS Geo TB. We feel like we're being forced to pursue a game mode that we're finished with at the expense of having to later choose between 2 we really want to participate in.
    • A: CG_Tophat - The short answer is no. We walk a delicate line between demanding too much and too little time for a mobile game. If we allow players to play the old TBs alongside the new ones, from a min/max perspective this is basically a requirement to be "good" at the game which is to play both. So while there are some players that want to play more our data indicates that we already ask a lot of a lot of players time. Adding an additional "requirement" probably tips us over on the "required" amount of time playing. In addition, we have very specific economy outflows modeled and allowing the second TB disrupts that in a way that as the economy is currently set up, can't handle.

    Q: In a past interview CG_Tophat commented "Interesting. Wonder what that could mean" in regards to Echo's basic getting buffs with Crit Damage Up. Now that all the 501st are out and we're moving past the Clone Wars, could we get more clarity on what that means since he has no Crit Damage Up synergy with clones or 501st?
    • A: CG_Miller - At the time CG_TopHat wrote that there was an upcoming ability meant to synergize with that, but in our balance testing that occured after he made that comment we had to change that ability. We're looking into avenues we can take to correct Echo's Basic Omega.

    Q: Why do you not utilize the in game inbox more? I feel as though the best way to communicate to your players are in the actual game. I know you guys put out push notifications but often times i am clicking through dailies and miss the message with no way to look at what it was (update coming, new pack, etc.) Can we get all updates as an inbox message that we can manage? Is it possible to see dev posts from the forum as well or at the least a notification that there is a new post?
    • A: CG_Erik - The in-game communications tools (and those outside the game) we have are a few years old and are certainly an area to improve. For the last few years, we've prioritized new gameplay features and content higher than upgrading these tools, but we're currently working on upgrades that you'll see in a future update.

    Q: Will we get any info on the neutral tag anytime soon or will y'all be removing it? If y'all still got plans for it, i think my man Hondo Ohnaka would be great for the tag since he doesn't really care for any specific faction as long as he gets paid handsomely and he will double cross you to save his butt. Could make his kit have it where he gets effects depending if paired up with light or dark side characters?
    • A: CG_Miller - Every time we contemplate removing the Neutral faction from the game, we always make an argument for a future character getting that tag and so it remains.

    Q: During GA, the person going second has a clear advantage knowing how many points they need to achieve and planning accordingly. Are there any plans to consider hiding the opponents progress during the attack phase - or at least hiding the attempts and score??
    • A: CG_Vyeking - There are flow changes we want to make to build a faster, more engaging GA experience - including building more decision-making during deployment and during the attack phases.

    Q: What is happening with the beta testing program? Is it still running? What is the future?
    • A: CG_Tophat - It still exists, but I would say it's current format isn't optimal (not from the wonderful participating players, but in the way we've structured it). There are conversations internally about how we should structure it moving forward. Hopefully we'll be able to revitalize it.

    Q: When are we going to get a public test server? With this many characters/ships and all the complexities of various kits, etc., this game is in dire need of a public test server so all the variations of strategies get tested ahead of time. Most of the recent bugs that have caused events to be cancelled or rescheduled would have certainly been exposed through a public test server.
    • A: CG_Tophat - Hopefully sooner rather than later. There's a conversation that's ongoing on how to spin this up. We have some structural hurdles we need to overcome (how do we do it quickly, how do we cycle players in and out effectively, who on the team manages it, etc.) We have many champions of the Public Beta Environment in the studio, but it's trying to work through the doing of it. It's a high priority item.

    Q: What are your personal biggest problems with the game, and are those being fixed?
    • A: CG_Tophat - Personally, I'd like to see us be able to release "mini-raids" and be able to do with relative speed. What is a mini-raid? I dunno, there's a lot of ideas about what that could be - single player raid? Something with a single player and guild related component? There are so many interesting Star Wars moments (my example internally is always Vader in the hallway at the end of Empire Strikes back - slinging debris at the player) that we could put in to the game. So you may say? Ok - so why isn't that in there? As always, based on where we are in the game's lifecycle we make our best call on what's the next step for the game. My hope is that we're able to scratch this itch in the next year - we're currently trying to figure that out.

    Q: What is your new years resolution (game related and otherwise if you'd like to share)?
    • A: CG_TopHat - Personally, I want to finally finish Divinity 2, get my Ascension 20 victory on the Watcher in Slay the Spire, and get gold rank in Teamfight Tactics. Professionally, I'd like to see a new game mode introduced that I talked about in my "biggest complaint" question above.
    • A: CG_RagingSpaniard - I'm stuck on the last boss on Sekiro AND Bloodborne so I really need to get around that before the Final Fantasy VII remake takes over my life. I have a personal art project where I'm reconcepting Chrono Trigger (my favorite game) so I need to get back on that when I can find some time (I'm not hard to find on twitter). Professionally, the art team is pretty invested in making some key improvements for 2020, we don't want people to think we are resting on our laurels and have some ambitious ideas to make the game look a lot more current than it does right now.
    • A: CG_Cyanides - I've been working on getting Grand Champion in Rocket League, so I hope that is accomplished next year (everyone in the office is sick of my Rocket League obsession, so they'd be happy to not hear me speak about it anymore). Crossing 5m GP will happen, so I am looking forward to that (and getting General Skywalker whenever he comes back). I have this obsession with trying to get into JRPGs and never making it past the first 5 hours of dialog, so maybe I can break that barrier in 2020.

    Q: What are the plans for SWGOH beyond Episode IX? What new updates can we see in early to mid 2020?
    • A: CG_Tophat - The content plans have been in pretty broad strokes up until the last month or so. We're in the process of adding the specific details right now. I think if you look at the Star Wars stuff that's known about for next year, you'll get an idea of some of the things we're thinking about. New systems or modes, we're actively working on it but can't speak to it specifically at this time.

    Q: Could you share a little more of the 5-year plan and how it could handle the current rate of power creep?
    • A: CG_Tophat - This question is always tough for me. The last time I spoke about it, I discussed how's it tough for us to speak on specifics of the five year plan, primarily because we have to manage/safeguard expectations. I can't say anything specific, because if things change (like the Mythic Raids I talked about above) there are chances for missed expectations for the playerbase. Regarding power creep - Managing power creep is something we talk about pretty regularly. I think in general our definition of what is or isn't acceptable for "power creep" let alone what is the definition of "power creep" is very different than the players. What I can say is that we have periods of time that we knowingly expand power and there are periods of time that we let releases consolidate around the new norm of power. We're always looking to respect previous investments and we've got some candidate systems were investigating.

    Q: Will you be looking to add more simple but effective characters that are more readily available on release - TFP, DeathTrooper, Starck, Kylo Unmasked are all great examples. It’d add more diversity and would allow FTP players to progress characters quicker?
    • A: CG_TopHat - CG_Miller and I have been talking about some of the upcoming character designs for this next year and this is a pillar for some of our releases.
    • A: CG_Miller - General Hux and First Order Sith Trooper have much less complicated kits, but each bring power to an overall First Order squad.

    Q: Will there be a Darth Revan event this december? I hope so, a lot of use were hoarding mats for him! Thank you.
    • A: CG_Tophat - Darth Revan will be included in the Journey Guide. So as soon as that's live, you'll be able to get after it.

    Q: When previewing DS Geo TB, you guys provided insight into how you expected guilds to perform (i.e., X GP should get Y stars). Between now and the relaunch of LS Geo TB, can you provide similar insight into what your expectations were/are for guilds (even on a comparison to DS Geo TB)?
    • A: CG_Tophat - We won't be providing them. This is primarily because the amount of context to explain "why" is too complicated to discuss in a Q&A or any other venue and I'm not sure what it really adds to the larger conversation with the player base. We provided it previously in Dark Side and what we found is that without a lot of the internal context of working on the game that number can create a lot of missed expectations.

    Q: When DS Geo TB was introduced we were given a very clear expectation of what the entry requirements were and how many stars we could expect to get. Why was that not done for LS Geo TB? Many of the flames could have been suppressed on Reddit and here on the forums if that one step had been complete
    • A: CG_Tophat - I answered this partly in another question about the why. We did provide it with Dark Side Geonosis and what we found is that there were a lot of missed player expectations by us publishing the number. By saying you should be getting X, if a guild didn't get it they felt bad and usually that resulted in some disappointed players. This generally prompted questions of "why didn't we get the number?" which is often times difficult and depends on the guild, their collection, their activeness as a group, etc. We decided not to produce it this time for those reasons.

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    TOPIC: Economy

    Q: Will you address guild sandbagging in TW? Guilds having 225+GP facing 204GP guild because they use alt accounts to make 600 tickets and TB battles but don't participate in TW's. How is there not a failsafe for this?
    • A: CG_Cynaides - Can us send me an ally code of a player in a guild you believe is sandbagging? I ask this because I hear a lot about sandbagging and knowing how the matchmaking works, I don't see how reducing overall GP would actually give you an advantage in how our matchmaking works. Although I can't think of a way doesn't mean it's not possible; thus, I'd like to see a guild that is doing this so I can better understand what they are attempting to do.

    Q: When Imperial Retaliation was launched, the shard rewards for ROLO and IPD were increased from 1 to 2 per victory, too compensate for only getting to do the TB half as frequently. Will Wat and KAM missions be treated similarly?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - We have no plans on doubling the amount of shards rewarded from Geo TB.

    Q: To all the devs. First of all I want to say how great the idea is to develop the feature with the "journey guide". This Feature will be friendly to longtime players like me (2 year GoH experience) and new players. For a f2p gamer it's getting more and more frustrating to be successful in both arenas. Squad arena is allready a lost place for f2p. Fleet Arena becomes more and more difficult with both GK Negoiater and GG Malevolence Capital Ship. Are there any ideas to implent another crystal income i.e. GAC? Are there any plans to develop new tier in the challenges? In my opinion it's time to get access to new tiers with gear pieces like stun guns, stun cuffs and more carbs or golden eyeballs. I must farm Brut Alpha (last star) and was happy to finaly farm Mats for relicts. But now I must farm the ARC Trooper. Are there any plans to find other location to farm relic mats? ?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - We don't have any plans on adding new farming locations for relic mats. I'd like a new daily challenge for them, but we don't have a timeline for doing that yet.

    Q: To Data Analyst Cyanides: Which "numbers" was a nice suprise i.e. how many player unlocked General Skywalker or the teams who reached near end of the DS Geo TB? I wish a lot of fun and looking forward to enjoy many years with this great project. Keep up the great work Best regards?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - We spend a lot of our time to ensure that we aren't surprised by numbers :) The numbers that still astound me though is how long you all have played SWGOH. With our 4 year anniversary, we pulled some "fun metrics" for the studio, and one of those what the # of players that are playing today, installed in 2015, and have missed less that 14 days since then. That number was much higher than I ever would have expected.

    Q: Hey there Devs, would you consider removing the non 5 dot mods from the Mod challenges as a QoL update? They are inferior since the introduction of mod slicing.
    • A: CG_Cyanides - Yep! We are planning to do this. Timing of this is still in the air as we decided when the QoL update goes out.

    Q: Are the GAC rewards still in line to what is expected?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - Overall, I think we are rewarding too little Championship Tokens, so we are increasing the amount of Championship Currency earned through GAC in the following month.

    Q: Can you please update the types of gear snd the amounts of certain gear that we can request/donate within the guild? These have remained the same for the last few years and the game has progressed since these levels first were introduced. Thank you
    • A: CG_Cyanides - I'd like to do some more stuff with guild donations. It's a system that was made years ago and has never really been updated. I need to talk to engineering to better understand what we can and cannot do with donations, but I think there is room for improvement.

    Q: At one of recent Q&A you mentioned a plan to ease up the gear crunch was that forgotten or being planned?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - No, I haven't forgot and we are planning more. We added Kyros to Daily Activities completion and TW rewards, reduced the crystal and shard shop cost of G12 and added G12+ to shard shop, reduced the energy cost of Ship Energy, increased the refresh rate of Ship energy, and added G12+ to Ship nodes. Actually, my question back is define "easing"? I hear easing a lot, but it is very subjective. Mathematically, we have eased the gear grind, but that doesn't mean that players actually "feel" the easing. This isn't being snarky, I am just genuinely interested in what everyone's definition of easing is to see if I can some how help that feeling.

    Q: With the release of the Journey Guide, how will that change how often we see mythic events like daring droid or pieces & plans?
    • A: CG_Tophat - We're in the process of figuring that out still. It'll be a fairly regular cadence. Hopefully I can speak to that next Q&A.

    Q: Are we safe to use championship tokens (currency) or will there be a super powerful (exclusive character) released there that we'll regret if we don't hoard for (ie GAS & DM -- making GE store useless)?
    • A: CG_Miller We have no plans to add characters to the Grand Arena Currency rewards. We intend to keep it for now so you can spend your currency on gear
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    TOPIC: Technical Issues

    Q: It's been going on for over a year now, when will you fix the bug where the game freezes and buttons disappear? I almost lost a perfect record in GAC this time around due to a game crippling bug that you can't fix.
    • A: CG_Tophat - Our recently released "battle restart" tech covers about 90% of instances which is a great improvement, but still 10% to fix! We are about to start looking for the next source of the disappearing button issues.

    Q: Did you ever fix the Fives bug? Or does he still need to be in the 5th spot?
    • A: CG_Tophat - Still needs to be in the fifth spot. It's something that needs a client release to fix and it's a lower priority item compared to some other things we have ahead of it.

    Q: With the release of Malevolence and LSTB, people will now have to make a choice on 7 star'ing Negotiator vs unlocking Malevolence. Is there a timeline for fixing the "unending loyalty buff duration is not refreshed when reapplied" bug which currently plagues Negotiator fleets? It GREATLY diminishes Negotitor fleet strength currently.
    • A: CG_Tophat - I'll look into it.

    Q: Are you going at some point to fix the problem of wat shards not being provided to many guilds despite the fact we completed multiple missions? Are we ever going to receive those missing shards?
    • A: CG_Tophat - We're actively working on it.

    Q: If we find an inconsistency in a hero ability description (i.e., an ability description reads that it inflicts a debuff before doing damage, but in reality it does damage before inflicting the debuff), how do we report that as an issue to be fixed?
    • A: CG_Tophat - Answers HQ is the best place to post it. We have two great QA folks (EA Mind Tricks and EA High Command) who go through it constantly for our game. We speak with them every morning and they assign bugs to us for the things the players post. We then triage on our side and try to take care of them as fast as we can
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    TOPIC: QoL

    Q: I have asked this question in the last 3 Q&A’s and you have never answered this question that so many want an answer to. Quality of life seems to have totally fallen off the radar. When are we going to be able to simulate the tank and sith raids. It is ridiculous that we have continue to complete these raids and it creates totally unnecessary tension in a guild by people fighting for the best slots. Second, mods are my biggest frustration of the game. I have farmed mods nonstop since the rework but have not once gotten a mod with a secondary speed greater than 21. A circle secondary speeds greater than 15 are exceedingly rare. This is a great frustration of many negatively affecting our experience in the game. It’s so bad it is like CG is deliberately punishing the players. This is a major quality of life issue. Stop ignoring these important questions. Thanks
    • A: CG_Tophat - Apologies - I don't think we're actively avoiding this question. We get a lot of questions and it sounds like we ran out of time to answer. 1) Quality of Life hasn't fallen off the table. We typically do quality of life work in March. We're hoping to do some this March. Now what is quality of life for people changes from person to person. 2) The AAT sim has been discussed pretty recently. I would say that one has a good chance of seeing a roll out sooner rather than later (no promises on timelines). We have no immediate intent to sim the Sith Triumvirate. A large chunk of players are still working through it. 3) Sorry to hear you're having a tough time with mods. We talk about mods pretty regularly. We're in an interesting position with mods insofar that without the game turns into a pretty stale deterministic tree (we saw this in the early days of the game) because some character's speeds put them in a position to be written out of the game (practically, not functionally). So mods serve an important role of making it possible to elevate different characters and control turn orders. That said, we recognize that there's a tremendous amount of importance on speed in the game and we're thinking about how to tackle it. Some of that shows up character design and encounter design. We're thinking about it.

    Q: Can you add a feature where officers can remove squads from territory wars?
    • A: CG_SvenGG - This touches on two sets of QOL work we want to do: Guild Management and territory activities. We know that managing a guild (especially a competitive one) is a lot of work. Giving Leaders and Officers more information and better tools to make decisions and to perform managerial tasks should cascade into an improved experience for everyone in guilds. We also want to empower strategic decisions for territory activities, and strategies often need to adapt or change to be successful.

    Q: Hi. Will there ever be an feature to "refund" a zeta or a whole character/rooster (giving back gear credits, droids and ability materials) since there is a big focus on making your account as "thin" as possible for best Grand Arena Championships results?
    • A: CG_Tophat - We have no intention at this time of creating a feature that would refund materials applied to a character. Rather, we spend out time thinking about how to make the game reward players that have better developed rosters.

    Q: With the new hyperdrive bundle coming to advance players to level 85 what will be done to assist new free to play players. It seems that if this is added with the current pace of leveling it will create a far larger barrier of entry for new players then ever before due to allowing anyone who pays for the bundle to get months if not more ahead of a new player who cannot. I know ultimately f2p games need to bring in new spenders but if the actual f2p community is driven out in the process it's still bad for the overall health of the game.
    • A: CG_Erik - It would be silly for us to suggest that players who buy the Hyperdrive Drive won't have an early advantage, but let's start with the goal. We've recognized that the game has changed over time - and that a lot of the most compelling content now starts after getting to level 85. We've also heard from the community for months that there's a growing concern about the ability to recruit new qualified players to keep Guilds staffed. The Hyperdrive Bundle and Journey Guide are a first stab at addressing an on-going theme of "get more qualified players to the heart of the game, faster." We're excited to get these features into player's hands and will assess what else we need to do.

    Q: When we receive the in-game message that our guild has started a raid, can we, instead of the "go" button, get the option to simply join the raid?
    • A: CG_Erik - Interesting idea. We'll add it to the QOL backlog.

    Q: Why do you have to sign up for each phase of GAC? I played the first, second, and third phases, of course I want to play the fourth. Even if you sign up for the first phase you should be automatically entered in to each successive phases. I missed out on getting kyber for the first time because of this stupid setup
    • A: CG_SvenGG - Championships were originally designed to showcase multiple events throughout any given Championship. While the outcome of events can contribute to Championship progress, functionally they are isolated instances of scheduled events. So the way the feature has been used so far is that the previously stand-alone Grand Arena event is run as the exclusive event in Championships. We have a pretty substantial backlog of Championships and Grand Arena quality of life improvements we'd like to make, including those that improve player flow and ease of engagement. It should not feel onerous to participate in an ongoing activity, and once you are participating in a Championship, that should be all that it takes to continue to participate without additional sign-ups.

    Q: Can you redesign the mod search tool so I can search my mods based on speed? Like speed 3-7, speed 8-12, speed 13-18, speed 19+, i.e. There are so many speed mods and hard to keep track them all. And no one is farming 1-4 dot mods. Will be easier to get rid of them totally. All I am asking is please make the mods easier to find and use
    • A: CG_SvenGG - Enhanced filtering and sorting for all inventories and lists is in consideration for quality of life work. These user interfaces are already some of the most information and option-dense screens we have, so adding all the desired functionality is more a redesign than an addition.

    Q: QoL questions! 1. When can we expect a Squadron button like the Squad button? Lotta ships now to put into different teams and this would help a lot in saving time. 2. Can we get more simming of existing events, especially ones that have multiple waves (Secrets and Shadows, Rebel Roundup, etc.). Like if we beat them 5 or 10 times, or earn 3*, can we sim them in the future? Thank you!
    • A: CG_SvenGG - Introducing fleet management with functionality comparable to squad management is definitely something on our radar that we'd like to schedule for development as soon as possible. We've been thinking about the best way to decrease the time commitment we ask of players for content they are able to clear with trivial effort. Ultimately, that has led to the realization that we need a holistic approach to time-saving for players so that we can continue to add new content to the game without exacerbating the commitment players feel they have to make each day.

    Q: When are we getting more quality of life updates? There's a bunch of requests from Guild officers that we really need!
    • A: CG_Erik - Historically, we've released a QoL update early in the calendar year. Typically, schedules get a little squirrely at the end of year, so we pick up as many QoL items as possible. We're starting the discussion around what we'll include in the next release, which will certainly include a number of QoL items, and we'll share those as we get closer. Something that we're going to try out this next release is picking a couple of QoL themes and going deeper, rather than QoL items from across the whole game. Additionally, rather than saving QoL generally for once a year, we're looking at both setting aside some capacity in the schedule to accommodate QoL items in other release and potentially making more frequent releases that pick up a smaller number of QoL items between our main releases.

    Q: Can there be a way to leave and rejoin GAC or otherwise decide when to lock your roster?
    • A: CG_Tophat - It's being discussed. No plans in the next client release, but potentially future ones.

    Q: When one of your characters has an ability that is stacking, please can you add something to the battle UI (possibly over the skill in the bottom right) that shows how many stacks it has accumulated?
    • A: CG_Miller - this is something we're trying to get better at. In the past we put a lot of effort on the player with remember who has how many stacks of what when they were oddball buffs/debuffs. As we move into the future I want to make sure that critical buffs like that get their own buff icon (especially now that we can collapse buffs) so the player can see what is affecting units at a glance.
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    TOPIC: Mechanics/Balance

    Q: You’ve stated that the difficulty will not be rolled back after this TB (sic) and that it is to stay the same, can you provide some information as to what’s coming to help level the playing field. Players are worried that this new addition will be hidden behind some massive paywall that will weaken the total community by player retirement.
    • A: CG_Tophat - There's a discussion in the community that with this Territory Battle is setting up for a future progression system element that is imminently planned (the theory is typically this seems to be in the next two or three months). Geonosis Light Side is intended to be a long term piece of content that will take some time to master. The difficulty is intentional. We've tried to account for player theory crafters who generally do a great job of finding very powerful strategies in these pieces of content. We do not at this time have an expansion of relics, level cap increase, etc planned in the next three months. We will be actively monitoring player participation (and related behaviors) in the Geonosis Light Side territory battle. If there is a problem (your example is mass exodus) we will intervene and make changes. Hope this helps allay any concerns.

    Q: Are you able to share specific details of how pilotless ships will scale in relation to matching the power of traditional relic 7 pilots?
    • A: CG_Miller - Crewless ships are balanced tested at Relic 7 to ensure that the fleets they are designed for behave as we want them to at this level. This involves a lot of wizardry done to their stats and how they improve, but suffice it to say that if the Relic cap goes up, we'll need to address this issue with crewless ships.

    Q: With relics you have also introduced Archetypes. Do you plan to use these Archetypes in the futur or were they just template for relic stat boost?
    • A: CG_Miller - Mastery (the stat that is directly tied to Archetypes) is a stat we are looking at adding to places outside the Relic system.

    Q: Will it be different if i upgrade a mod with speed sec stat today or tmrw ? or once the mod earned, then the whole upgrade is fixed already, no matter when we max them the end result will be the same ? ty
    • A: CG_Cyanides - Stat rolls are determined when the mod is rolled. There's no outside force having an impact on the RNG of what gets rolled.

    Q: When one of your characters has an ability that is stacking, please can you add something to the battle UI (possibly over the skill in the bottom right) that shows how many stacks it has accumulated?
    • A: CG_Miller - This is something we're trying to get better at. In the past we put a lot of effort on the player with remember who has how many stacks of what when they were oddball buffs/debuffs. As we move into the future I want to make sure that critical buffs like that get their own buff icon (especially now that we can collapse buffs) so the player can see what is affecting units at a glance.

    Q: Do the Malevolence spawned Vulture Droids scale their stats with the capital ship or our own Vulture Droid?
    • A: CG_Miller - The stats scale with the Malevolence, not your own Vulture Droid.

    Q: The Vulture Droid ship has the ability to buff immunity for 2 turns in the Discord Missile, however, ships that are summoned and replaced do not have the ability to apply this debuff. Is this inability to apply buff immunity purposeful or is it something that will be readjusted in the next update?
    • A: CG_Miller - This was done on purpose. The player obtainable unit has some special perks over the summoned one.

    Q: I love KAM and how he will make some of the unused Jedi viable with his “Jedi Console” unique ability. My questions are about that ability. It says “At the start of each battle if all allies are Galactic Republic Jedi, they have +30 Speed, +40% Max Health, and +20% Offense. Galactic Republic Jedi allies with a Support or Healer role have additional Offense equal to 10% of their Max Health.” A- When does the 10% of their max health converted to offense? At the start of their turn? At the start of the battle? Before/after any max health bonus from a leader? If at the start of the battle that means that health up would also be factored in? or any kind of max health reduction right? B- It looks like to get the 10% health/offence addition you do NOT need to have a full Galactic Republic Jedi team. Is that right? thanks
    • A: CG_Miller - A) The offense boost is refreshed every time they use an ability. If they gain Health Up/Down or other Max Health-modifying effects, those will be factored into the offense boost for the next ability they use.
      B) Correct, you do not need to bring a full Galactic Republic Jedi squad in order to gain the offense boost.

    Q: In what order are pre-battle bonus stats calculated? For example health % with Padme lead and R2’s number crunch. Which one kicks in first?
    • A: CG_Miller - "Unique abilities occur before leader abilities. However, stat boosts for the same stat stack additively, not multiplicatively. If an ally gains 10% Max Health from one unique ability and 50% Max Health from a leader ability, they will have a total increase of 60% Max Health. In the listed example:
      1. 1) R2-D2 gains 10% Max Health for each Rebel ally
        • 20,000 Max Health (base) + 20,000 * 0.10 (1 rebel in the Padme team) = 22,000 Max Health
      2. 2) R2-D2 grants 10% of his Max Health to each other Droid, Galactic Republic, Rebel, and Resistance ally
        • 22,000 Max Health (current) * 0.10 = 2,200 Max Health shared
      3. 3) Padme grants a 50% Max Health boost to all Light Side allies
        • R2-D2: 20,000 Max Health (base) * 1.5 + 2,000 (boost from Number Crunch) = 32,000 Max Health
        • Padme: 30,000 Max Health (base) * 1.5 + 2,200 (boost from Number Crunch) = 47,200 Max Health

    Q: Is the ARC Trooper’s Turret’s damage based solely on his Gear/Relic level, or does it look at his stats like Offense? I ask because this might affect how I choose to Mod him (Offense or Critical Damage Primary on Triangle for example)
    • A: CG_Miller - Summoned units stats scale off the summoner, the only thing the turret cares about is ARC Trooper's offense.

    Q: Are TB droideka's hardcoded to target Jolee like JKR targets Traya first?
    • A: CG_Miller - There's no hard coding of kill orders for specific units in Territory Battle, however there isn't a lot of randomization that can happen either. If a unit is consistently targeting another unit, then that's just how the unit is doing their threat assesment based on the available targets.
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  • When previewing DS Geo TB, you guys provided insight into how you expected guilds to perform (i.e., X GP should get Y stars). Between now and the relaunch of LS Geo TB, can you provide similar insight into what your expectations were/are for guilds (even on a comparison to DS Geo TB)?
  • For guilds who were likely to max out LS Hoth for first are you going to make us whole?
  • When are we going to get a public test server? With this many characters/ships and all the complexities of various kits, etc., this game is in dire need of a public test server so all the variations of strategies get tested ahead of time. Most of the recent bugs that have caused events to be cancelled or rescheduled would have certainly been exposed through a public test server.
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    We are still missing our Wat shards from a month ago. We have gone through the proper channels with ea_MindTricks and still nothing other than "we are working on it". Our group of players is getting really frustrated and the failed TB isn't helping that out. Any update at all?

    And if you'll allow me ask a second question: Are you going to release a new progression item soon to deal with the new TB difficulty?
  • Why are you releasing content we can’t enjoy due to difficulty or don’t care about(sequel trilogy toons) one way you can make more people happy is to do more kotor or clone wars ships and toons like a sith capital with malak or nihilus as crew or more clones for shaak ti instead of some first order toons(was there a ship?) that I and many other people will never use due to our hatred or disliking of those horrible movies so for us that’s not new content so where’s the new content for us?
  • Can you please fix quests that involve territory battle completion (IG-88, et al) so that they include Geonosis? I really would like to get some of the other Bounty Hunter portraits, but it's not fair to have to play through Hoth TB 3 times in order to do so.
  • Why the decision to not rework mace? We were told it was due to not having enough time to design a kit. But the Mace in TB is really good and the kit seems like it would be a nice touch up for him. Why is this something that can't be done? He is a really important character to star wars lore and he is less powerful than a generic resistance trooper. That seems insanely unjust.
  • Doesnt the Difficult of LSTB is a competitive goal against the easyer acess for new Players? Its clear you are adding a new Progression level to the game wich will make it harder for new players to get to that point.
  • Can you please admit that CG’s goal is to make the game 100% pay to play and eradicate the free to the play aspect of the game?
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    MADMAN3199 wrote: »
    Why are you releasing content we can’t enjoy due to difficulty or don’t care about(sequel trilogy toons) one way you can make more people happy is to do more kotor or clone wars ships and toons like a sith capital with malak or nihilus as crew or more clones for shaak ti instead of some first order toons(was there a ship?) that I and many other people will never use due to our hatred or disliking of those horrible movies so for us that’s not new content so where’s the new content for us?
    I like sequel trilogy and can’t wait for sequel stuff. It needs more love in this game tbh
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