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    I never comment on these because of the overwhelming notifications I'll get, but I want to make sure @CG_TopHat and @CB_SBCrumb are aware, that no, this does not allay player concerns.
    A: CG_Tophat - There's a discussion in the community that with this Territory Battle is setting up for a future progression system element that is imminently planned (the theory is typically this seems to be in the next two or three months). Geonosis Light Side is intended to be a long term piece of content that will take some time to master. The difficulty is intentional. We've tried to account for player theory crafters who generally do a great job of finding very powerful strategies in these pieces of content. We do not at this time have an expansion of relics, level cap increase, etc planned in the next three months. We will be actively monitoring player participation (and related behaviors) in the Geonosis Light Side territory battle. If there is a problem (your example is mass exodus) we will intervene and make changes. Hope this helps allay any concerns.

    What you have created is something that is not only not fun, but that most of the player base actively does not want to engage in, but are forced to do so for the rewards. Further, based on the current progressions available, it cannot be completed until you have added 80 more ships. This is not "long term," as even if you added 2 ships per month starting now (which we all know won't happen) we will not be able to hit 36* until 2023.

    We have multiple guilds above 220M GP in our alliance, and all of them are considering going back to Hoth indefinitely, because while that is also not fun, at least we can complete portions of it. Not sure what you're trying to accomplish, but I wish you would consider bringing some fun back in to your future content.


    Yeah answer this
  • When you released kyro tech, you said that would alleviate some of the gear crunch. Now that relics and kyros are so important, what plans do you have to make it easier to move characters up to gear 11?
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    Q: Did you ever fix the Fives bug? Or does he still need to be in the 5th spot?
    A: CG_Tophat - Still needs to be in the fifth spot. It's something that needs a client release to fix and it's a lower priority item compared to some other things we have ahead of it.

    Low priority. WTY are you people doing...this is a joke 90 people working on this game? HA LIES

    So, not a question for the developers, but anyone else, what is this bug that I am unaware of? I can't find it on the forums anywhere or in the developer tracker.
  • yo @CG_SBCrumb how bout those 20 or so questions you said you had answers to from the last q&a? You took lunch and promised to post them later and failed to deliver.
  • 1. Guilds chose to do GTB vs HTB with the understanding of cumulative rewards. Ending the TBs prematurely will cause a disparity in rewards due to htb yielding more day 1 rewards. Any hopes of balancing this disparity?
    2. The new lstb has reinvigorated the need to move mods around characters. Can we please have an "assign all" button in the loadout menu?
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    yo @CG_SBCrumb how bout those 20 or so questions you said you had answers to from the last q&a? You took lunch and promised to post them later and failed to deliver.


    Somehow I think we will get more of the same
  • Content section :

    1 person asks about Mandolorian > thousands wanting a mace Windu rework
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    Can we get more Friday fun facts? I’d love a TB edition where we get numbers such as how many players were able to 4/4 or other number facts about it
  • 1. If there is not a significant progression change coming, how exactly is LSGeo supposed to be anything but deployment for the foreseeable future? Full Relic 7, 6E modded, top meta teams are getting destroyed in Phase 1 and 2. This is not fun.

    2/ Is there any Jedi Fallen Order content coming?
  • Economy question:
    The release of g13 and relics opened a floodgate requiring end-game level gear that can only be obtained through GAC store, GET stores, and the Sith Raid. Since the Sith Raid requires you to place top 10 in order to get decent gear, the GAC store requires you to excel at PVP (and even then the currency only comes in at a trickle), and both GET stores require players to invest in meta toons (General Anakin) and ships (both capital ships), many would say that there is less of an ability to get end-game gear than ever.
    Are there plans to loosen the spicket for this sort of gear, or at least for the gear that drops as rewards for the Sith Raid?
  • Best q&a ever. I feel bad for the paying customers. I appreciate them for allowing this game to exist, but they deserve better for their hard earned money spent on consistently broken content.

    That's what also needs to be addressed. The consistent broken bugged experience in this top tier expensive game.
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    I understand that you want LS Geo TB to be end-game content, and for Phase 3 and Phase 4, that makes perfect sense. However, when teams of G13 Relic 5 to Relic 7 characters are dying in the first wave of Phase 1, that seems a little less like a fun game and a little more like player punishment. It is not fun. Will you at least consider adjusting the difficulty of Phase 1?
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    yo @CG_SBCrumb how bout those 20 or so questions you said you had answers to from the last q&a? You took lunch and promised to post them later and failed to deliver.

    I did added a bunch more after lunch but ran out of time to do all of them. There's sooo many!
  • Why did you release LSGTB now when it is clearly tuned for future power creep? It is like you gave us a new toy but forgot the batteries. You continually say one thing (we are trying to reduce the gear crunch, we are trying to make new content, etc...) But you do the opposite (require us to unlock characters using currency we could use to buy gear and when you release new content it is unplayable). Can you please justify this?
  • Why do you bother cancelling the LS geo event? You made it too hard for anyone to experience the bugs anyway. WE WANT TO PLAY!!!!! Stop with power creep and paywalls... we will pay for (playable) fun content! I don’t need 15 more levels.... We want to grow our collection and play with it!!! NO MORE POWER CREEP!!!! Are you listening to the player community?????
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    TOPIC: Economy

    Q: Will you address guild sandbagging in TW? Guilds having 225+GP facing 204GP guild because they use alt accounts to make 600 tickets and TB battles but don't participate in TW's. How is there not a failsafe for this?
    • A: CG_Cynaides - Can us send me an ally code of a player in a guild you believe is sandbagging? I ask this because I hear a lot about sandbagging and knowing how the matchmaking works, I don't see how reducing overall GP would actually give you an advantage in how our matchmaking works. Although I can't think of a way doesn't mean it's not possible; thus, I'd like to see a guild that is doing this so I can better understand what they are attempting to do.

    Q: When Imperial Retaliation was launched, the shard rewards for ROLO and IPD were increased from 1 to 2 per victory, too compensate for only getting to do the TB half as frequently. Will Wat and KAM missions be treated similarly?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - We have no plans on doubling the amount of shards rewarded from Geo TB.

    Q: To all the devs. First of all I want to say how great the idea is to develop the feature with the "journey guide". This Feature will be friendly to longtime players like me (2 year GoH experience) and new players. For a f2p gamer it's getting more and more frustrating to be successful in both arenas. Squad arena is allready a lost place for f2p. Fleet Arena becomes more and more difficult with both GK Negoiater and GG Malevolence Capital Ship. Are there any ideas to implent another crystal income i.e. GAC? Are there any plans to develop new tier in the challenges? In my opinion it's time to get access to new tiers with gear pieces like stun guns, stun cuffs and more carbs or golden eyeballs. I must farm Brut Alpha (last star) and was happy to finaly farm Mats for relicts. But now I must farm the ARC Trooper. Are there any plans to find other location to farm relic mats? ?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - We don't have any plans on adding new farming locations for relic mats. I'd like a new daily challenge for them, but we don't have a timeline for doing that yet.

    Q: To Data Analyst Cyanides: Which "numbers" was a nice suprise i.e. how many player unlocked General Skywalker or the teams who reached near end of the DS Geo TB? I wish a lot of fun and looking forward to enjoy many years with this great project. Keep up the great work Best regards?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - We spend a lot of our time to ensure that we aren't surprised by numbers :) The numbers that still astound me though is how long you all have played SWGOH. With our 4 year anniversary, we pulled some "fun metrics" for the studio, and one of those what the # of players that are playing today, installed in 2015, and have missed less that 14 days since then. That number was much higher than I ever would have expected.

    We keep coming back to see if you can actually get something right
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    Given that LSGeo difficulty will not be changing in the near future, can you please comment on:
    a) the last ship platoon affecting a tile in the past (eg the two previous ground phases)

    b) the fact that even if all characters are at 100%, it is impossible to get max stars in the last phase (and in fact will be for something like the release of the next 30 ships). In other words, even if the guild can master every battle with advanced strategy, they will still not be able to get full stars for something like 3 years. To clarify - you would need a guild of 50 x 12m GP players. The max in game is 7m currently.
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    yo @CG_SBCrumb how bout those 20 or so questions you said you had answers to from the last q&a? You took lunch and promised to post them later and failed to deliver.

    I did added a bunch more after lunch but ran out of time to do all of them. There's sooo many!

    This one will be easy then as there is one recurring question which dominates this Q&A

  • Q: Should I buy the hyperdrive bundle?
    A: No. Stop spending money on this game. Go play Marvel Strike Force or Dragon Champions.
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    Is there going to be a fix for the Anakin cheese team? @CG_TopHat
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  • Just answer the **** LS GEO TB questions for god sake and admit you want a money machine and addiction drip not a fun game
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