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    TOPIC: Economy

    Q: Will you address guild sandbagging in TW? Guilds having 225+GP facing 204GP guild because they use alt accounts to make 600 tickets and TB battles but don't participate in TW's. How is there not a failsafe for this?
    • A: CG_Cynaides - Can us send me an ally code of a player in a guild you believe is sandbagging? I ask this because I hear a lot about sandbagging and knowing how the matchmaking works, I don't see how reducing overall GP would actually give you an advantage in how our matchmaking works. Although I can't think of a way doesn't mean it's not possible; thus, I'd like to see a guild that is doing this so I can better understand what they are attempting to do.

    Q: When Imperial Retaliation was launched, the shard rewards for ROLO and IPD were increased from 1 to 2 per victory, too compensate for only getting to do the TB half as frequently. Will Wat and KAM missions be treated similarly?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - We have no plans on doubling the amount of shards rewarded from Geo TB.

    Q: To all the devs. First of all I want to say how great the idea is to develop the feature with the "journey guide". This Feature will be friendly to longtime players like me (2 year GoH experience) and new players. For a f2p gamer it's getting more and more frustrating to be successful in both arenas. Squad arena is allready a lost place for f2p. Fleet Arena becomes more and more difficult with both GK Negoiater and GG Malevolence Capital Ship. Are there any ideas to implent another crystal income i.e. GAC? Are there any plans to develop new tier in the challenges? In my opinion it's time to get access to new tiers with gear pieces like stun guns, stun cuffs and more carbs or golden eyeballs. I must farm Brut Alpha (last star) and was happy to finaly farm Mats for relicts. But now I must farm the ARC Trooper. Are there any plans to find other location to farm relic mats? ?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - We don't have any plans on adding new farming locations for relic mats. I'd like a new daily challenge for them, but we don't have a timeline for doing that yet.

    Q: To Data Analyst Cyanides: Which "numbers" was a nice suprise i.e. how many player unlocked General Skywalker or the teams who reached near end of the DS Geo TB? I wish a lot of fun and looking forward to enjoy many years with this great project. Keep up the great work Best regards?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - We spend a lot of our time to ensure that we aren't surprised by numbers :) The numbers that still astound me though is how long you all have played SWGOH. With our 4 year anniversary, we pulled some "fun metrics" for the studio, and one of those what the # of players that are playing today, installed in 2015, and have missed less that 14 days since then. That number was much higher than I ever would have expected.

    Q: Hey there Devs, would you consider removing the non 5 dot mods from the Mod challenges as a QoL update? They are inferior since the introduction of mod slicing.
    • A: CG_Cyanides - Yep! We are planning to do this. Timing of this is still in the air as we decided when the QoL update goes out.

    Q: Are the GAC rewards still in line to what is expected?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - Overall, I think we are rewarding too little Championship Tokens, so we are increasing the amount of Championship Currency earned through GAC in the following month.

    Q: Can you please update the types of gear snd the amounts of certain gear that we can request/donate within the guild? These have remained the same for the last few years and the game has progressed since these levels first were introduced. Thank you
    • A: CG_Cyanides - I'd like to do some more stuff with guild donations. It's a system that was made years ago and has never really been updated. I need to talk to engineering to better understand what we can and cannot do with donations, but I think there is room for improvement.

    Q: At one of recent Q&A you mentioned a plan to ease up the gear crunch was that forgotten or being planned?
    • A: CG_Cyanides - No, I haven't forgot and we are planning more. We added Kyros to Daily Activities completion and TW rewards, reduced the crystal and shard shop cost of G12 and added G12+ to shard shop, reduced the energy cost of Ship Energy, increased the refresh rate of Ship energy, and added G12+ to Ship nodes. Actually, my question back is define "easing"? I hear easing a lot, but it is very subjective. Mathmatically, we have eased the gear grind, but that doesn't mean that players actually "feel" the easing. This isn't being snarky, I am just genuinly interested in what everyone's definition of easing is to see if I can some how help that feeling.

    Though these are great additions but I believe most of us are concerned with <g12 pieces: stun guns/cuffs, biotechs, and carbs.
  • Also: “The gear crunch has been eased.” - Crumb
  • I know a couple of these have been answered. i will make sure to edit out the answered question for the next Q&A. thx.


    1) About the data cards, I would be willing to spend crystals and/or actual money buying data cards so I can acquire character shards. My issue is as follows. When I look at, for example, the Empire faction pack, of the character shards available, there are only two characters that I own that are below 7 stars. How do I know I will get shards for a character that is below 7 stars?

    Another example was the Anniversary Character Trove Pack (330 shards for 5000 crystals). As of the time the pack was released, out of the 123 toons being offered, only 17 of my characters were not already at 7 stars. That's roughly a 1/14 chance. Same question, how do I know I will get shards for a character that is below 7 stars?

    According to the Pack Probabilities, everything is random. This is a huge turn off for me and in turn, I don't buy the packs. Have you ever considered tweaking the algorithm so that characters that are below 7 stars get the priority?

    2) There are 2 Sith ships with Sith Empire pilots but the ships themselves none are flagged as Sith Empire. Why not? Before you say it...."Lenders, There is no point to do this. There is no synergy between Sith Empire ships and there is no Sith Empire capital ship".

    Hear me out....The two U-Wings are flagged as Rouge One as their pilots are Rogue One but there is no Rogue One synergy and no Rogue One capital ship either. Same applies to 501st pilots. No 501st tag for their ships. So just to be consistent, why not flag the two Sith Empire ships as Sith Empire and the 501st ships as 501st?

    3) Have you ever entertained the idea of letting the fans of the game vote on which toon they would like to see next in the game?

    4) Will either kind of training droids be salvageable? What about sim tickets? How about ability materials including omegas & zetas? When a player surpasses 100,000 of any of these items, you know they have too much!

    5) When the Q&A is finished, would it be possible to leave a note saying something like "and that’s all the time we have for the Q&A folks. Thanks for joining us" or something to that effect? This would alleviate the need to keep refreshing the website over and over again hoping to see more questions answered.


    1) Some battles that we have already achieved 3 stars in are starting to get tedious. All of the eight round assault battles come to mind. Are there any plans to allow us to sim ALL battles that we have already achieved 3 stars in?

    2) No so much a question but a suggestion. Can you please remove 4 dot mods from the mod store. You don't have to replace them with anything, just get rid of the 4 dot mods. While you are at it, please remove the 3 dot mods from the tier 3 of the mod challenges. They serve no purpose.

    3) Can the ingame chat let us know when a raid/phase 4 is completed? It already says when the first three phases are complete. Why not phase 4?

    4) Why can't we have all four kinds of energy listed at the top on the main screen. If there is not enough space, why can't you make the XP bar half the size to free up space?

    5) During the Q&A of September, we had asked you for ship "squads". You had said that you were working on it. Now that a sixth capital ship (the Malevolence) has been announced, the need is even greater. Will we ever have ship "squads"?

    6) At the moment, there are three prestigious quests that are tied to the ranking in the HAAT (Tank) Raid. The relevant part of the quest is listed below.

    • Jedi Knight 4/4 - Earn rank 10 or higher 5 times in the HAAT Raid
    • Jedi Master 1/4 - Earn rank 3 or Better 3 times in the HAAT Raid
    • Jedi Master 4/4 - Earn Rank 1 in the HAAT Raid

    In the eventuality that the Tank Raid becomes simmable, will there be any special consideration for the players trying to do these quests or will each player have to ask their guild's leadership NOT to sim the tank raid at least 9 times? Perhaps simply ***designating*** everyone as 1st place and give them 5th, 10th, 15th or whatever rewards?

    7) On the character inventory page, a player may select a filter to show Rebels, Empire, First Order etc. That being said, more and more charters have multiple tags these days. While I can select Separatists or Droids, I cannot select Separatist Droids. Do you think being able to select multiple tags would make for a good QOL update?

    8) About double drops. I want to be clear, I am not complaining about them. Anytime you want to give away free stuff, I am all for it. That being said, would it be feasible to give a 100% drop rate instead of giving double drops? It does leave a semi bad taste in your mouth when you spend 100 crystals on a cantina refresh, for example and get zero drops of whatever you are farming. Two times zero still equals zero after all.

    **CHARACTERS aka TOONs**

    1) There are six members of the Phoenix squad yet we are only allowed to have five toons at once. As a summoning mechicanlinc already exsists, how about adding it to Hera so she can summon Chopper? This Chopper would be a "clone" of the Chopper a player would have in inventory with the same stats and abilities. Chopper would use the ally slot. It would make a more interesting team at that point and better reflect the TV show. You could even make it a second zeta ability for Hera.

    2) Can you please rework/update/touch-up Mace Windu? Please???

    3) Some older toons are not available in any store (apart for crystals). Baze Malbus for example. Since he and most of these older toons are no longer meta, is there a possibility that the energy requirements to farm them could be lowered (again, I am referring to the ones NOT found in stores)? You had recently done this for Vet Solo & Chewie. Kudos.

    4) You have said in the past many times that you don't want to add new toons to the exsisting stores. I beg you to reconsider. Can you PLEASE add new toons to the stores, even if its just the really old ones to the stores. Baze Malbus is a great example as he can only be farmed. Please add him to any of the stores and not just charge crystals for his shards.

    5) Why are there only three Tuskens? I know they are FAR from meta but why three? Were there plans back at the beginning of the game for two more?

    6) This game needs eight clone troopers. Let me explain. Shaaki Ti’s leadership skills are truly optimized for clone troopers. Since General Skywalker now commands four of them (if you include the Arc Trooper) that doesn’t leave enough clones for Shaaki Ti to command. Are there any plans to add two more clones to the game so that both Shaaki Ti and General Skywalker can each have four troops? If not, whom do you suggest that we fill spots 4 & 5 with that are not commonly used elsewhere (like Padme, GM Yoda, Gen Kenobi, Ahsoka, Jedi Anakin etc.)

    7) Now that General Grievous has his capital ship, the Malevolence, why does he not have a fleet commander tag?


    1) Bounty Hunter Quest 3/7, Win 12 Battles with IG-88 in Territory Battles. Since this quest only works with the dark side Hoth territory battles, why haven't you "fixed" this bug by simply renaming the text to read "Win 12 Battles with IG-88 in Hoth dark side Territory Battles"? Renaming the text (in every language of course) would surely be simpler than fixing the code behind it.

    2) Guild Quest, Raid Attempts - Do 4 attempts in the Pit raid. ***WITHOUT*** leaving the guild they are in, how can a player do this quest if their guild ONLY wants to sim the rancor raid?

    3) Bounty Hunter Quest 4/7, Complete Galactic Bounty event tier IV. This quest only can be completed by beating tier 4 of the Galactic Bounty I event, not the Galactic Bounty II event. The quest's description does not mention I or II so the description is vague because of this. Do you (CG) ever have any plans to fix this bug by either updating the description to reflect "Galactic Bounty I event" or making either event applicable? I thinking adding an "I" after the word "event" would surely be far simpler.

    4a) ***WITHOUT*** leaving the guild they are in, how are players suppose to complete achievements & prestigious quests (see below) that are tied to both the light side and dark side Hoth Territory Battles when their guild is ***ONLY*** willing to do the Geonosis TBs?

    4b) As you probably already know, powerful guilds tend to only want to do the GeoTBs only. This does not sit well with some players. Have you considered giving guilds the choice or opportunity to do a “bonus” Hoth LS & DS TB, perhaps once, twice or four times year? This would certainly help players complete some of the quests & achievements (see below) that are strictly tied to the Hoth TBs.

    • Achievement, The Frozen Rebellion - Earn 45 Stars in a single Hoth LS TB map.
    • Achievement, The Frozen Empire - Earn 48 Stars in a single Hoth DS TB map.
    • Fulcrum Quest 3/4, Defeat Hoth Rebel Assault phase 6 Rogue One mission (only available Hoth LS TB)
    • Bounty Hunter Quest 1/7 - Defeat 50 Wampas with Boba Fett present (Only reliable place found for Wampas is the Hoth DS TB)
    • Bounty Hunter Quest 3/7, Win 12 Battles with IG-88 in Territory Battles (Only works with Hoth DS TB, does not work with Geo DS TB)

    5) Why are we limited to only doing a maximum of three prestigious quests at the same time? Why can't we do them all at the same time?

    6) If a player already has the Tank Tamer title (for being in 1st place in the HAAT/Tank raid), why does that player need to prove himself/herself yet again when they get to Jedi Master Quest 4/4? The game already knows they have done this at least once already.

    7) Are there any plans on creating any new prestigious quests? If so, will you be careful in making them future proof so that the requirements are not based on events that will no longer be available? For example, quests based on Hoth TBs that powerful guilds no longer play. Another example would be Boba Fett's quest of killing Wampas that are not normally found anywhere.


    1) I know you (CG) have said in the past that you don't want both the Hoth TBs and Geo TBs running at the same time. My proposal below, IMO, I think is a good compromise.

    Every three to six months, during a week that GeoTB is not running, give guilds of a certain power level (to be determined) a **CHOICE** to run a bonus LS Hoth TB (and three to six months later a bonus DS Hoth TBs) for either full or half rewards.

    You (CG) have said/implied in the past that:
    • We don't want to use up too much time of the players.
    • We want to make getting players to G11/G12 easier.
    • We don't want to upset the game economy with too many rewards.

    I say:
    • If the guild thinks the optional bonus Hoth TB is not worth their time, they won't do it.
    • Having extra bonus rewards will help players reach G11/G12
    • If members of the guild are doing Hoth based quests or achievements, they can progress.
    • The game is not flooded with tonnes of extra rewards as the Hoth bonus "event" would only happen two to four times a year.
    • Some players complain about not having enough things to do. Doing a week long event is something to do.
    • Some players are interested in acquiring Rebel Officer Leia Organa and Imperial Probe Droid shards without having to spend GET2 currency.
    • Because Hermit Yoda, Wampa, Malak and General Skywalker all need GET1 currency, there is an ever greater need to play Hoth TBs as they provide much more GET1 currency.

    If you don't think this is a good compromise, can you please explain why?

    2) About the Legendary Journeys (Commander Luke, Jedi Rey, Chewbacca, Jedi Revan etc). Why can’t we play these events every time the event repeats? You (CG) have already spent money making these events, so how hard could it really be to allow us to play them again just for fun, even if it's for no rewards? We already can play the Malak event for fun. All that being said, why not let us acquire the rewards (perhaps not shards) every time the events repeats? You did say "We want to make getting players to G11/G12 easier." Having extra bonus rewards will certainly help players reach G11/G12.

    3) Are there any plans for Galactic Bounty I/II events to happen more often then once every six weeks (on average)? Perhaps have each one run once per calendar month? Is a Galactic Bounty III event in the works?

    4) We have had a credit heist for a long time now. It's great. Will we ever have a ship credit heist? Instead of using toons, we could use ships. Even a seldom used faction would be great as it would encourage people to upgrade their ships (which means upgrading the ship's pilots as well).

    5) I think most people would agree that the LS Geo TB is “Hard”. Even 250 million GP guilds are struggling with it. That being said, instead of forcing guilds to either choose between a very easy LS Hoth TB or a very hard LS Geo TB, would it possible to tweak the choices? For instance, LS Hoth TB OR a DS Geo TB? Two weeks later, a DS Hoth TB OR a LS Geo TB? This way, a guild would be in a position to choose a TB that is better suited to their guild.
  • What about make gearing easy under g12???
  • "Q: Man City or Liverpool to win the Premier League?
    A: CG_RagingSpaniard - I'm not super into watching the inferior soccer leagues ;), but being a Real Madrid fan I cannot root for a Pep Guardiola team in good conscience, plus Mo Salah is awesome and I feel bad that we broke him in the CL final. I'm gonna go with Liverpool here."

    Ah. The question that we are all here for has been answered in great time!

    Please answer the questions about TB, gear and new content now you got the important stuff out the way. Just if you find the time 👍
  • Can we get a full rundown of how ship reinforcements count towards GAC banners?
  • Well after this broken territory battle release I gave this q&a the opportunity to change my mind about my future with this game, but looks like I expected too much. I actually thought they had something exciting planned and that was why it was so **** difficult with maxed r7 teams. If this is intended and the content we've been patiently waiting for, then they really are lost.

    2015 day one player deciding to quit today because it's just a joke now. Broken, bugged, and a massive let down to the dedicated long term players @CG_SBCrumb This is the current state of your community.
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    Yotommy wrote: »
    At least they've answered all the "Art Questions"
    I’m very pleased he did!

    Will read through his responses with more attention later when I’m free
  • "The difficulty is intentional. We've tried to account for player theory crafters who generally do a great job of finding very powerful strategies in these pieces of content. "

    Good news! All the theory crafters have left the game so you dont have to account for them anymore. Now, can you please dial it back a notch for those of us who remain?
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    So the answer is clear: we just need to cause a "problem" (e. g. non-participation) with the LS TB and they will take action. Now to convince the whale guilds to play Hoth instead...
  • when will the journey guide be released?
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    So Arc Trooper advanced purchasers, just get to watch everyone else get Ki shards at the same time? WAI?
  • @CG_SBCrumb
    EDIT: The team has answered a ton of questions that I still need to post and many of stayed extra long today. I won't be gathering any more questions from the thread at this time but most answers live shortly!

    Stayed extra long? Isn’t it like 2:45 there? What time does your workday end? Think I may have found part of the problem...

    I only asked them to stay for an hour and half to answer questions and they stayed much longer than that. They also have their jobs to do
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