The Balance Begins needs you! 33🌟 RotE 460M+ GP guild.

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The Balance Begins is an independent and semi-competitive guild. We're looking for someone with a well-developed or focused roster that can contribute right away. We have no farming requirements, but do encourage certain teams for progression. Most of us spend a little on the game, but F2P players are certainly welcome.

Raid Tickets - We ask everyone to make an effort to put up 600 tickets per day, but we're not militant about it.

SBR- 208M box

RotE TB - 33* (25ish Reva shards)

Current TW record - 251-70.

TW - Joining is optional, but if you join, participation is mandatory.

Discord is mandatory, but participation is minimal. Just follow announcements and TB/TW commands (see below for link).

An account is required. Bots in discord use it to provide information on guild members and other guilds/players for TW and GAC.

We're a relaxed group in it for fun, but we do take progress seriously. Stop by for a chat and see if you'd be a good fit.

Join us on Discord at or message me in game at 433-754-669.
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