The Balance Begins needs you! 22🌟 DS / 10🌟 LS Geo full heroic guild.

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The Balance Begins is a competitive, but not demanding guild. GP thresholds no longer make sense, so we look for focused rosters for specific game modes. We have no farming requirements, but do encourage certain teams for progression (i.e. Separatists/Galactic Republic). Most of us spend a little on the game, but F2P players are definitely welcome.

Raid Tickets - We ask everyone to make an effort to put up 600 tickets per day, but we're not too strict on it. We generally pull enough tickets to allow us to raid HPIT 3x per week, HAAT 2x per week and HSTR 2x per week.

HPIT - Simmed

HAAT - Alternate 7 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm EST. - FFA

HSTR - Alternate 7 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm EST. - FFA

Current plan is to focus on the new Geo TBs.

Hoth TB - 42* LS / 44* DS

Geo TB - 22* DS / 10* LS

TW - Joining is optional, but if you join, participation is mandatory. Current record is 80-37.

Discord is mandatory, but participation is minimal. Just follow announcements and TB/TW commands (see below for link).

An account is required. Bots in discord use it to provide information on guild members and other guilds/players for TW and GAC.

We're a relaxed group in it for fun, but we do take progress seriously. Stop by for a chat and see if you'd be a good fit.

Join us on our Discord or message me in game at 433-754-669.
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