Doubt: Level, Stars, Gear

Hello people,

I know that MODS play a major role in how powerful your Toon becomes.

But what about STars, Gear and Level?
How do they impact in the strenght (not necessarily in GP) of the Toon?



  • Stars and level apply a multiplier to the TAC, STR and AGI stats, increasing their stats depending on both stars and level. Gear, depending on the pieces you need to equip, can buff most stats (maybe all, not entirely sure) such as speed, special offense, physical offense armor, health, and more
  • You don't really need to worry about level. You'll want characters you use at 85 eventually, but beyond that you can pretty much just add levels when it's necessary in order to add gear or ability ranks. Gear is the main thing that will make your characters noticeably stronger.

    And just farm characters you use to 7 stars. Just do it. It takes a while but once it's done, it's done forever.


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