JTR minimums after Vets Rework

Now that the vets have a resistance tag and benefit from Finn lead this event is much easier.
I was able to do it g8 across the board with an omega on chewie.

Previously, it seemed like the consensus was at least g9 for Finn and Rey

My guess is someone could probably do this with mostly g7 now

Any low completions out there?


  • avihas
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    If you're reaaly want JTR, and not just as a truphy, but as an actual usefull character- you won't keep looking for the lowest gear possible to finish that event.
    JTR synergy with the Res is one of her biggest advantage. Believe me when I say that you want a high gear Res team (g11-g12 at least)- that kind of team can dominate the raids and very usefull in GAC.

    My recomodation is to get Finn and BB8 to g12, scav to g10+ and the vets to g8+

    But to answer your question- I guess you could get away with 1 or 2 g7, but most? I wouldn't bet on this.
    That's because survivability is important and so damage input and speed
    Nevertheless, with a very good mods your chances will improve
  • Schwartzring
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    edited April 2020
    This is what I used this morning.

    9.5 on Finn but Han is only 8.0.
    Most of there abilities were fairly high, a couple omegas on the team.

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