Raid damage cap?

My fellow officers and guild leader agree that it would be great to implement a damage cap on raids that can be lifted at any time.

We try to be fair by opening up lower tier raids for lower level guildies and we have a rule of less than 2 mil damage on heroic pit so that everyone has a chance to attack. Towards the last 10 hours, we lift the restriction, but we have no way to control it and constantly have people one-hitting the raids.

As guild leaders, we would really appreciate being able to run a fair system for our guildies that all have to follow. We have a zero-tolerance policy but our loyal guildies are constantly missing out.


  • You can put a join time period.
    In my guild we put a 24hour to join. Everyone has time to join but can't attack before the 24h. Everyone gets some rewards at least. but your top hitters that don't listen will still not listen
  • Thank you! It's a start, we can try that next time :)
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