Error in GL event

Why am I getting this message? I am half way thru tier 3 in GL Rey event


  • Kyno
    24440 posts Moderator
    can you post some screen shots of the prerequisites tab?

    have you tried fully closing the app and going back in?
  • I’ll try and close and reopen first. I have her unlocked now. G13 R6.
  • Now that she is unlocked I can get back into the event. Crazy. Thanks for the response though. :)
  • Kyno
    24440 posts Moderator
    once you had the shards but before you actually clicked unlock you were locked out of the event? just want to check
  • So I complete tier 3 2x. Farmed the rest of the tickets to do the 3rd time of tier 3. I got the message above . I had 280 of the 330 shards needed to unlock her. I had to go thru the unlocked Rey to get to tier 3 . I’m posting another pic of how I got around the not meeting the prerequisite message
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