To the Frustraited, Angry, and Lost.

I'll be the first to admit, This game can be very frustrating at times and does have a steep learning curve in the beginning. Especially for F2P like myself.

I started the last week of November, maybe 27 days ago. After promoting my JC I've used 72 energy every day on trying for Dooku shards and am only at 36. I've wasted massive amounts of credits and training droids experimenting with new toons and trying to level everybody evenly to work though GW (even leveled Ewok Scout to 30 out of desperation before I stopped). I made the mistake of getting, gearing, leveling, and promoting Asoka instead of Fives or Boba thinking she could replace Talia as a viable healer. She still hardly ever heals. Used GW crystals and cantina battle energy to promote Biggs for a while instead of additional promotion for Lum and JC or Chewy. Like everybody else, I was stuck on Light Side 5J for a LONG time! It's been rough.

But it's still a blast of a game and I play every night! When I first posted on this board, Dec 5th, I was ranked mid 900's in PVP. I've been slowly advancing the last 18 days. Today I finally ranked 198 at end of day. I'm making it to the 12th fight in GW almost consistanly and I'm sure I'm only a few days away from beating it. Sid is 5* and JC is gear level 7 and both are DPS monsters. Lum is on her way to 5*. I just unlocked Opress and am looking forward to leveling and promoting him to replace Talia or Chewy.

Yeah it sucks bad when you burn though 100+ energy and only get 1 shard or piece of wanted gear. But it adds to the excitement and sence of progress when you do land the extremely rare four Dooku shards in six battles or bump a rank level in in PVP. When you have an epiphany and change your stratagy and suddenly Dooku and Bariss are no longer impassible walls to your progress.

No single toon seems OP to me now. It's only team combos and and strategies that make a difference. This game is like any other. If you like it, you play, make mistakes, learn from them and learn from others and you will have fun. If you don't like it or are looking for a free ride. Maybe it's not the game for you.


  • I'm enjoying the game. I'm enjoying it too much. I got home tonight at 5:40 and I was majorly stressing arena, lol.
  • I like what you have said LoTEK. I did the same thing back when I played Heroes Charge. Been playing this game for a week now and enjoy every minute of it. May the force be with you.
  • TheVinegru wrote: »
    I'm enjoying the game. I'm enjoying it too much. I got home tonight at 5:40 and I was majorly stressing arena, lol.

    Tell me about it. I had a bit more leeway at 5:23, but I still ended up wasting gems trying to get enough credits for Sidious. Only to find out later I didn't have enough shards for 6 star anyway. :p
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  • I work nights so I can't play the last hour of the arena. Usually lose my place between the last three hours before reward time. It is what it is. I haven't been bumped out of the 200's in a week and I get enough shards to progress on what I'm working towards.
  • And as far as P2P players go, I say thanks. They're funding the development and support of the game I'm enjoying. If they're rewarded with early access to higher ranks and all the good stuff that goes with it, so be it. They paid for it.
  • That's the fun of the game, there is always something else to try. It will get better as the game matures and many of the problems with it now will ease up. I personally love Asoka but I don't count on her heals. She hits decently hard and works better with my squad (Jedi/Sith) than some of the other options. I'll see how she is in max gear but at 6 I'm pretty happy with her.

    Gear grinding can take ages but once you can clear GW and stay in the top 200 arena or so it goes a lot faster. My wall lately is on purple gear and ability mats. I'd love a week straight of the mats challenge and maybe some more mining droids lol.

    And to the OP, thanks it's refreshing to hear good for a change.
  • I was stingy with my shards, got a 4* Boba out of a bronz at lvl 20ish. Stuck with him even when he was weak. My first first chrom pull was a 4* Luke. I figured that's what the game wanted me to work with so, I went with it. I started in December 3 or 4th. I'm lvl 57 now and rank in the top 5 fairly commonly. Also, the only one using Boba Fett as a leader in the top 50. There are alot of good teams out there, you just gotta stick with certain ones for the long haul. I figure once I hit 60 I can start to get different hero's. This game is very fun!! Even with my limited selection of characters compared to the big spenders.
  • This is the first time I've ever played a mobile game to this extent, but luckily I didn't waste too much equipment, money or crystals. I haven't actually made many mistakes as far as I'm aware. I am very jealous of people saying they switched their squad to X when they were using a completely different team as I'll be stuck with my top 5 until well into the level cap. That's one of the pitfalls of an almost F2P player.

    Probably the worst learning curve is that you never know if what you're doing is right. You'll never know if your squad could be twice as good by changing just one hero out or whatever. And I won't be able to know the error of my ways until I have played for six weeks or more from the start. In other games you can emulate the best strategies for you, but because this is so new you just have to hope for the best.
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