Give ONE Good Reason to Farm Rey Over SLKR (other than LSGTB)



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    Asks for a reason, removes best reason.
    That isn't how this is supposed to work.

    Reasons to farm SLKR over GL Rey:
    1) Better PvP
    2) Better PvE in raids
    3) More plug and play friendly
    4) Better for GAC because he can 2-man GL Rey
    5) Only other Galactic Legends can beat him

    Reasons to farm GL Rey over SLKR:
    1) LSGTB

    Oh by the way, as soon as more PvE content comes out, this point (LSGTB) is irrelevant.

    1. Debatable. I fall in squad arena just as much now as I did before the buff...and it’s losses to Rey teams.
    2. Cool, I can be better in a 2 year old event.
    3. Nope
    4. And a padme team with no GLs can beat SLKR.
    5. Nope

    If LSGTB is irrelevant once new pve content comes out, then how can SLKR being better at HSTR be on the list?

    No, I don’t agree. All the krakens in my shard who have both GLs were running Rey in arena, then, as soon as SLKR got his most recent massive buff, they ALL switched to SLKR. Coincidence? I think not. Can Rey still beat SLKR? Sure. But instead of a 80-90% win rate like before it’s now probably more like 20-30%.

    I’ve already addressed point 2.

    I’ll agree to disagree on point 3.

    Point 4: a 5-man squad exploiting a glitch and breaking up 2 of the top squads in the game ain’t exactly a 2-man squad using one GL and a know plug and play toon.

    To point 5: You’re referring to the Fives glitch which I’m sure is going to be addressed soon. Non-GL teams can still beat Rey without exploiting a glitch - they’re all WAI.

    Maybe LSGTB isn’t irrelevant but it’s not nearly as beneficial to you as an individual for doing well on as HSTR, seeing as how everyone gets the same rewards from TB but the most consistent, reliable, quickest, cheapest, and surest way to gear your toons with end-game gear is still HSTR, particularly with a top 10 finish - something every SLKR owner can easily do but Rey owners can’t.

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    From what I’ve seen Rey is pretty much plug and play any LS team and hammers SLKR. Made me bit annoyed and felt like I backed the wrong horse.
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    Liking Rey more than Kylo Ren.
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
  • NicWester wrote: »
    Liking Rey more than Kylo Ren.
    Who likes Rey more than Ren?
    I have a bad feeling about this.
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    Who likes Rey more than Ren?
    Plenty of people. Myself included.
    Still not a he.
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    Rey is way better on PVP.

    And you might cry or not on it - doesn't matter. That is a fact, and if you doubdt on it, than your current arena is weak, and you will realize it later.

    Remember: GL's have nearly unlimited team matching possibility, if you base your opinion about several teams, that "everybody uses", than your knowledge about this is near to null.

    Topics like this make's me laugh actually... I bet everyone who says such a things on GL's dont even have one... LOL

    Maybe you should realize how GL works... Rey obtain her ulti when everyone moves = speed buff for Kylo = Rey have been buffed as well in a fights Rey vs Kylo!
  • YaeVizsla wrote: »
    Who likes Rey more than Ren?
    Plenty of people. Myself included.
    In game or movies?
    I have a bad feeling about this.
  • GLRey is a better defensive character in PvP. She beats every team in the game in PvP on offense. You already noted the LS TB advantage. Resistance is a better squad than FO even with the dead weight. JTR with Heroes is a strong team able to beat DR in the right circumstances unlike the FO trash. GLRey pairs well on other teams despite the **** from a handful of "content creators" such as under Padme lead. She just isn't better under other leads unlike Kylo. GLRey doesn't get destroyed by cheese such as GAS/Echo pre-fix and now Padme/Fives.

    GLKylo is better on raids but who cares since relic teams run all over raids now. GLKylo has a better fleet which may be useful soon.

    Down the road GLKylo may be hands down better but right now only GLRey holds in arena and is a wall in GAC/TW.
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    In game or movies?
    As a character.
    Still not a he.
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    Hi if i spend for new strong characters, but video from most the prominant youtuber says there is bug where you dont get crystals then get your account deleted
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    My personal opinion on this Rey vs Kylo debate:

    PvP (arena) = mostly equal (bonus point for Rey as she's sligtly better for defense; bonus point for Kylo since the matches are over very quickly)
    PvP (TW) = equal (Rey best team for defense; Kylo best team for offense to counter Rey so they cancel each other out)
    PvP (GAC) = depends on matchup: if opponent doesn't have a GL --> Rey; if it's GL vs GL --> Kylo (undersize and therefor efficiency advantage with Wat combo)
    TB's = equal (Rey for LS Geo TB; Kylo + spare DS toons for DS Geo TB --> people seem to forget that not every guild is a 300m++ guild and can easily compensate all the DR,BSF,Malak platoons so the Kylo ppl giving away SE to help other guild mates is an important thing to keep in mind)
    Fleets = Kylo (already has an amazing offensive fleet with the Finalizer and with the right FO tank ship it could easily become a consistent Negotiator killer; for the Raddus it kinda looks like at least 2 more ships are needed - a tank and a good support ship)
    HSR = Kylo obiously
    Plug&play = mostly equal (both are good plug and play chars however I'd maybe give Kylo a slight advantage here as he doesn't rely on his leadership as much as Rey does --> she can be used in Padme teams for example but her dmg immunity leadership is a major feature of her kit)
    Long term value = Kylo (Rey's damage output is pretty much set in stone whereas Kylo's can increase with higher mod tiers or relic levels, also his siphon mastery will just get higher with such things; also Wat's medipack tech and it's 5% HP/prot regen could become even more hilarious since the GL unique gives him +10% max HP/prot per relic level)

    So overall Kylo is the better choice as first GL or if anyone is just going to get 1. The HSR solo ability alone is such in important factor unless someone wants to drop a vault per month just to compensate all the g12(+) materials that he'll be missing out on once there are 10 Kylos in his guild taking the top 10.
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  • In arena, the only teams my GL Rey loses to are other GL teams... Usually it's a time out vs the Rey, jkr, GK, gas, wat/finn
  • There is no other reason to farm Rey over kylo other than LSGTB

    PVP - mostly equal with the scales tipped to kylo. He is better both offensively and defensively. Additionally the first order characters strengthen his team which is invaluable to TW and GAC. Resistance characters pretty much suck.

    PVE - Kylo owns both TB and the Raids. Rey is useless in raids.

    Plug n play - rey basically has to be used as a leader or you lose much of her kit. Kylo can run in both positions and is just as strong no matter what.

    Ultimates - kylo’s is fantastic, Rey’s is greatly underpowered, is easily overcome, and just leaves much to be desired. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve panicked about Rey using her ultimate only to come out thinking that wasn’t that big of a deal.

    Winner is Kylo!!!
    Don’t waste your time with Rey unless you feel like you need her or unless you strongly desire more competitiveness in LSGTB.
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    Rey = is ugly and cry all the time. And she requires Rose tico to relic
    Kylo = is cool

    Winner Kylo
  • 2 words. Rose Tico.
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    YaeVizsla wrote: »
    Who likes Rey more than Ren?
    Plenty of people. Myself included.
    In game or movies?

    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
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