GALATIC CIVIL EMPIRE 235MIL+ 28*DS & 13*LS GEO TB, 34+ Wat Shards

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Guild: Galatic Civil Empire
235MIL+ GP
-We are currently focusing on GEO TB (13* LS & 28* DS)
-34+ Wat Shards
-Guild raid times – HPIT 6:30PM CST, HAAT 8PM CST, HSTR 7PM CST

-TW/TB (When members are busy IRL, we have them go full defense for TW, we understand that life comes first)
-Discord & (We actually want real people, not someone who lurks and never participates in chats, we're a family as well!)
-500+ Tickets

-At least 1 GL
-Join all raids, if not, you're missing out on rewards to bolster your roster!

GP Requirements:
-Case by case Basis. (We average about 4.7 mil gp/member, so that's a good ballpark)

Interested in checking us out?
Or message me directly:
Discord: JShadow5757#0335
(Please do not message me here, I do not check my messages)
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