Players Looking For Guilds - July 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***

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If you are a player looking for a guild, post here. It might be helpful to include your vital stats: ally code, level, how active, what characters you have, what kind of guild you are looking for (casual, super active), etc.

  • No guild advertisements. This thread is for player advertisements only.
  • Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to anyone you are interested in recruiting. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.
  • Do not post anything that is not a player advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as spam or PM a mod to have it removed.
  • Do not post personal contact information, such as Facebook ID or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages.
  • When you have found a guild, update your advertisement to indicate as such so you don't continue to get messages.
  • One ad per player.

Here is a sample template of information to include in your advertisement. Feel free to include any other information you feel is important for guild recruiters to know but please do not write entire paragraphs about your history. We want to keep posts short and concise for easy perusal:
  • Ally-Code:
  • Link to
  • (If no account, it would be helpful to list who your gear 12 or Relic characters are, or if you have a lot, say how many)
  • Galactic Power:
  • Character/Ship GP:
  • Player Level:
  • Number of 7*:
  • Number of 6*:
  • Number of 5*:
  • Average Arena Rank:
  • Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale)
  • Time-zone:
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  • DarthXswogh
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    Guild found 👌 thanks to those that reached out to me with invites.

    Looking for an active guild running heroic raids and competitive TW. I’m only interested in joining a UK guild due to the time zone.
    So if you’re active, carrying no slackers with great participation levels, I would be very interested in adding to your ranks 😂

    Please see my roster below and don’t hesitate to message me in game if I fit your requirements.
    Galactic Power: 1,836.724
    Character/Ship GP: 1,057.367 / 779,357
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 36
    Number of 6*: 11
    Number of 5*:42
    Average Arena Rank: 75
    Type of Play: Daily / active
    Time GMT
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  • Ally-Code: 227-169-722
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 743119
    Character/Ship GP:464,900
    Player Level: 278,219
    Number of 7*: 24
    Number of 6*:5
    Number of 5*: 8
    Average Arena Rank: 250
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT-3 (don't mind about it)
  • Alexandros21
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    Guild found - thank you very much for all the offers - I apologize if I couldn’t get to all of you - the messages were overwhelming 😂


    Hello guys,

    Looking for a casual but active guild - UK/EU Time Zone - that gets at least 20 wat shards per DS Geo (my priority one). I myself have geos and can compete the mission.

    Alexandros Original21
    Ally-Code: 859-975-729
    Link to SWGOH gg:
    Character/Ship GP: 2.1MM/1.5MM
    7* chars: 118
    6*: 3
    5*: 3
    Average Arena: 30-60
    Type of play: F2P - Daily and Active
    Time Zone: UK/EU (flexible)

    Thanks in advance :)
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  • SWZDedi_F2P
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    Guild found, thanks

    Hi, I'm F2P, going slowly. I was part of starter guild but even though I was was the top of the pack of 50 members, no rewards. I'm looking for a guild that is busy and yet gives rewards. I want a guild leader, if possible, who can remind me when to play what at the right times of the day or week.

    Ally-Code: 996.591.658
    Link to
    (If no account, it would be helpful to list who your gear 12 or Relic characters are, or if you have a lot, say how many) - I have a good Nightsisters team and an upcoming Empire team. On a Sith raid, my Darth Vader and Mather Talzin both can get up to 40,000.
    Galactic Power: 226,322
    Character/Ship GP:
    Player Level: highest is 68
    Number of 7*: none
    Number of 6*: none
    Number of 5*: 5 (Darth Vader, IG-86, Old Daka, Nightsisters Initiate, Jedi Consular)
    Average Arena Rank: 1500-2000
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale) F2P
    Time-zone: EST
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  • Looking for an active guild that can help me grow. Getting closer and closer to 85 and want to be ready. Would like to have decent rewards from Raids etc. I play daily, multiple times a day 🙂

    Ally-Code: 451.296.966
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 393,190
    Character/Ship GP: 238,411/154,779
    Player Level: 81
    Number of 7*: 9
    Number of 6*: 4
    Number of 5*: 8
    Average Arena Rank: 1,000 - 1,500
    Type of Play: F2P with a tiny bit of P2P
    Time-zone: EST
  • C4_cam
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    Found a guild
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  • mInEcRaFtEr0617
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    EDIT: already in a guild now srry :(

    Ally-Code: 388-687-512

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 712,271 GP

    Character/Ship GP: 528,593 (character GP), 183,678 (ship GP)

    Player Level: 85

    Number of 7*: 3

    Number of 6*: 7

    Number of 5*: 25

    Average Arena Rank: Anywhere between 900 and 1,600 on average. Sometimes goes up to early 2,000s if I try out a new team that doesn't do too well in the arena.

    Type of Play: F2P

    Time-zone: EDT (I live in eastern USA)
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  • Ally code 522-897-291

    5m+ GP player looking for a Guild that completes LS Hoth TB and is doing it regularly or alternating with LS Geo TB.
    Would be a bonus if you have a win ratio better than 50% on TW too.
    If you are not looking to complete Hoth TBs or at least rotate with Geo TBs then I am not interested as I want to complete the LS Hoth TB quest.
  • lughnasa
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    **joined a guild, thank you for the invites**

    I played from launch to mid 2016. Max level was 80, don’t think fleets were out yet. Came back few months ago and am at 85 but big gap higher level stuff. Been F2P do far.

    My need is to get over the hump to relics, etc… I don’t know all the 2016 to 2020 acronyms like Geo Ds or geo LS geo etc.. Just tell me what to do and I will try my best.

    Happy with a consistently active guild to keep me busy every day.

    • Ally-Code: 676-918-632
    • Galactic Power: 775k ish
    • Character/Ship GP: umm no idea, how do I know that
    • Player Level: 85
    • Number of 7*: 29
    • Number of 6*: 5
    • Number of 5*: 4
    • Average Arena Rank: 1050, my arena is insane, they all are loaded. Top 70 in ships usually if carting spare droid parts across galaxies is important to you then I am the best (unless you know the 69 in front of me!)
    • Type of Play: f2p
    • Time-zone: NY but very open to any
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  • molelias
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    ***Have found a guild, thank you everyone***

    Ally-Code: 639-611-673
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 4.5+
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 148
    Gear 13: 21
    Gear 12: 40
    Average Arena Rank: 32
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: EST

    Everyday player looking for a casual but active guild. Halfway through farming for JKL and do not have either GL as of yet. Was in a longtime guild that had to fold. Discord mol elias#5072
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  • Hi Guys,

    I have an alt account that is looking for a home. Fairly competitive 600 ticket player, looking for a smaller gp guild to grow with.

    Need one that does raids between midnight-5am or between 8-noon central us.

  • MizzSmartyPants
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    Edit: found a guild. Thanks everyone!!

    4+ million GP F2P player looking for a guild that is active.

    I'm on the West coast of the US and would like a guild that is friendly with my time zone. I can't necessarily hit 600 tickets EVERY day due to my job demanding a lot of my time, but I hit it almost every day and usually hit at least 400 on the other days.

    Ally Code: 764-166-328

    I'm on Discord. I'm not the most chatty, but I do read and follow all rules and directions posted.
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  • IronFelix
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    no longer relevant, found the guild
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  • Inferno75
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    EDIT: Have found a guild, thank you for the invites.

    Hello, I’m looking for an active guild running heroic raids and territory wars, ideally one which can do the heroic sith raid. I play daily.

    Ally-Code: 526-512-822

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 1,430,055

    Character/Ship GP: 873,296 / 556,759

    Player Level: 85

    Number of 7*: 48

    Number of 6*: 13

    Number of 5*: 12

    Average Arena Rank: 364

    Type of Play: F2P, Daily/Active

    Time-zone: GMT (UK)
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  • TheKuato
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    ******Guild found. Sincere thanks for all of the replies/offers*****

    Hey all,
    Right below 4M GP player looking primarily for a low drama guild running DS Geo (I'll get you Wat shards) and LS Hoth (Needing extra GET1 for GAS and JKL). Active daily, located in US EST. I try to hit 600/day, but miss this sometimes due to work and family issues. If the 600 is an absolute deal breaker, please don't respond.

    Ally code is 581-529-796
    IGN: Kuato
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  • HTWarrior
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    ******Guild found. Sincere thanks for all of the replies/offers*****
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  • andrejslavomir
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    Already found one :) thanks all

    Hi all, im looking for a guild. Every guild i was in, only plays Once in a while, And many players Are inactive. Or guilds, that look good for me, need gp 1mil+ or lvl85. Im looking for a guild, where i can play everyday, And help guild and my team grow.
    Curently focusing on jedi team (upgrading all to 7*), after that, First order.

    GP: 299k
    195k / 103k
    Lvl 77
    7* 1
    6* 5
    5* 7
    Avg arena: 500-700

    Im logging every day for about 2 months Now. Doing daily quests, arena, galactic And raids.
    If you want me, let me know :)
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  • sithlordThrawn
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    Found a guild
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  • Darthsolo4149
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    Found home
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  • Scruffy_Mythosaur
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    Received an invite, thank you everyone!

    I started playing not too long ago. I'm looking for an active guild. I've been in one, but never saw more than 3 or 4 active players.

    Ally-Code: 625-873-995
    Galactic Power: 604,576
    Character/Ship GP: 353,851/250,725
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 6
    Number of 6*: 4
    Number of 5*: 10
    Average Arena Rank: 2,000
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: CDT

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  • ryan910bwfc
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    Guild found.
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  • nhbwolf
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    Guild found, thanks.
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  • Jasatto
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    Guild Found.
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  • GodSabo
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    Guild found
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  • ComicalEngineer
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    Thank you for the interest! We have found a new home!

    Opportunity of a Lifetime!
    Buy 1 get 9 free!
    Recruit a WHOLE GUILD!! 10 players, package deal!
    Total Guild GP of ~6.4 million
    Mostly recent graduates of Rathtar Hunting Pack (Tier 6)
    Formed new guild because we were tired of inactive members we couldn’t get rid of
    Me specifically:
    596,437 / 406,087
    Level 85
    Eight 7* Heroes
    Forty 6* Heroes
    Nine 5* Heroes
    Central US Time Zone (for now)
    Generally methodical and organized in my upgrades
    Focus on upgrading complete squads for Journey Quests, Raids, and Daily Events
    Daily raider for all raids I have unlocked
    Consistent daily production of 600 raid tickets
    Weekly contributions to daily guild activities:
    20 Challenges
    10 Squad Arena attacks
    F2P, but willing to spend a few gems strategically on energy usage daily activities (i.e. light side, dark side, hard, cantina energy, any energy) to get the guild over the hump to the next reward tier.
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  • Cortez
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    Ally Code: 499-957-378

    Link to swgoh:

    GP: 2.9M

    Time: Pacific Central but open to others

    What Im looking for:

    Active guild with participation (25000^)

    A great tw record

    Tb's are extremely important, especially Darkside genosian as its much easier to handle for my characters.

    A guild that is actively improving necessary characters for the future.

    That's all, thank you for your time, feel free to message me in-game in you have any more questions.

    My guild is disbanding, that's why I'm looking around.

  • Ghost77
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    Have every leg toon apart from JKL. Working towards ultimate for rey. Looking for a british guild and min of 30 stars in geo ds tb. I have discord and currently working towards JKL for next toon. May sound harsh but please don't contact me if you can't get at least 30 stars as I won't join and it wastes peoples time. Ally code is 112 355 348
  • Zap_hey9
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    thanks 👍

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  • Keris_Hayes
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    All good.
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