Kit Reveal: Threepio & Chewie



  • Does the timing of "At the start of the first encounter" come after "At the start of battle"?

    So, does R2's number crunch bonus get applied to the leader before this bonus is worked out? And any other at the start of battle things.

    Do bonuses come from any rebel toon in the leader slot, or does it have to be a toon with a leader ability?
  • Question.
    I'm gunning toward JML, and as such required to r5 Threepio&Chewi. Now, there's no argument that this dude tremendously improve the rebel squad, but I'm more concern about his zeta:

    Deal Physical damage an additional time (up to 5 additional times) for each enemy that has been defeated during the battle

    Does anyone got his zeta and can testify how good/meh it is? Because while I want a strong T&C, zetas are precious resources and I would not want to waste it...
  • Ultra
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    the zeta is worth it
  • Vendi1983
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    edited September 17
    Excellent value zeta. Lasts through waves/phases until the end of battle too (Raids/LS TBs).
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