Players Looking For Guilds - July 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Annven
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    Found a guild very fast, thank you all!

    Hi, I am a daily player looking for a nice active guild which is doing heroic raids and territory battles and whose members not only do the max tickets but also pay attention what is the daily so we can all get plenty of guild tokens. My current guild doesn't have enough members to do territory battles, only 25 and not all of them login daily.

    • Ally-Code:424-311-891
    • Link to no account, only Hera Syndulla is gear lvl XIII, a few are lvl XI, most are below.
    • Galactic Power: 1.1M
    • Character/Ship GP: 697k/493k
    • Player Level: 85
    • Number of 7*: 46
    • Number of 6*: 9
    • Number of 5*: 14
    • Average Arena Rank: 2000
    • Type of Play: mostly F2P
    • Time-zone: GMT+2
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  • Muelann
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    LFG 4.3 mil GP

    Found guild. Ty.
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  • Acrisio
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    Edit: Found a guild.

    Ally-code: 692-425-761
    Link to
    Galactic Power Characters: 2,179,669 / Ships: 1,710,964 / Total: 3,890,633
    7* Characters: 133
    G13 Characters: 23
    Average Arena: 50-100
    Time of Play: Mostly F2P
    Time Zone: GMT+3
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  • Angular
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    I have found a new guild

    Thank you profile

    ally code


    I started my account in August 2019 and I’ve just passed 2.6 million GP so I’m looking for a guild who takes geo TB and TW seriously. I prefer a 200M+ GP guild with discord, 600 daily tickets, etc.

    I am a P2W whale and my next legendary unlock is Malak, which I’m very close to finishing (just need mission vao and zaalbar at 17500 power) so that’ll take like 2 more weeks
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  • Jbp1515
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    Thank you for all of the offers, due to the amount of them I am closing this post as there were a lot of great guilds to review.


    I am currently looking for a new home for my Alt account. I am looking for a guild that is at least 180Mil GP and does well in DS Geo TB and gets around 15 WAT. I would prefer LS Hoth only, but I am open to LS Geo TB too.
    I want to enjoy playing, so I am not looking for a guild with crazy requirements as this is an Alt.
    I have discord as well.

    Please feel free to message me in game or on forums.

    Link to no account
    Galactic Power: 4.2Mil
    Character/Ship GP: 2.5Mil / 1.7Mil
    Player Level: 85
    Number of G13: 14
    Average Arena Rank: 258
    Average Fleet Rank: 68
    Type of Play: F2P

    I am hoping to make a switch before the next TW launches

    Thanks for looking
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  • Looking for guild.
    Ally code: 622-772-227
    GP- 4.3 mil
    Have jedi revan and working towards Darth revan.
    Live in Aus time zone but not phased by other time zones.
  • Skies439
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    Found one. Thanks!
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  • Simon35
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  • Ally-Code: 687-818-185
    Link to JTR relic 3, G12 BB8, G12 Finn, G12 Scav Rey
    Galactic Power: 1,153,399
    Character/Ship GP: 746,299/407,100
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 21
    Number of 6*: 5
    Number of 5*: 54
    Average Arena Rank: 294
    Type of Play: P2P
    Time-zone: EST
  • 3 friends looking to join an active guild focus on TW and TB. If you think it’s a good fit, DM me here and well get in touch.

    What we are looking for :
    -DS geos 25*/ LS hoth 45* or LS geos 10*
    -FFA Raid 8 -10 pm EST
    -Discord for communication
    -25k tickets + per day

    What we can offer:

    -600 tickets per day
    -100% participation in TW and TB
    -Working heavily on top tier team
    -Account 3 is P2P/Dolphin

    Account 1 :
    3,65 mil GP, top 50 arena, top 20 fleet arena
    Top team : GAS Full relics

    Account 2:
    2,8 mil GP, top 200 arena, top 100 fleet
    Top team: Padme Full relics

    Account 3:
    1,5 mil GP, top 1 arena, top 1 fleet (90 days old account)
    Top team: JKR Full relics
    Finished 1st in GAC
  • Simon35
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    Had an IT issue, sorry folks
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  • Simon35 wrote: »
    Simon35 wrote: »
    New galaxy deadbeats V2

    Hi all,

    We are an active guild looking for players who like to have friendly chat, discuss tactics. We have a mixed bag of expertises, beginners in the guild but we are looking for experienced players.

    Discord is mandatory -
    Our reset time is 18:30 GMT.
    Sith, Tank and Rancor all Heroic raids
    400-600 expected daily tokens.
    DS-Geotb 11+
    LS-Hothtb 35+
    TW - A very large percentage of wins. Strong defence is key.
    GP is strong at 125 mil

    We are looking for DR, Malak and Clones g13characters

    Speak with rustyjacen69#0951 on discord and 496-819-123 in game for further details

    I’m Wan the man 553-673-352 on game. #6044 on discord.

    Jog on mate
  • Deadbeats for sure! Shameless advertising! Jog on indeed!

    5.3m power
    Main is General Anakin with the 501st squad
    Working on first order Kylo legendary next
    Looking for a strong guild that can farm general KLi-al mundi and score high on territories
    Im from NA, California
  • Hamsxer
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    Guild has been found. Thank you, everyone :)
  • captcharisma45
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    Edit: Found a guild. Thank you to all who reached out and were interested! Sorry if i wasn't able to get to your messages
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  • JovanBehn
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    Found a guild very fast, thank you all!

    Hi, I am a daily player looking for an active guild doing heroic raids. Have been in the starter guilds but looking to progress in heroic raids ant into TB.


    Link to
    Galactic Power: 973k
    Character/Ship GP: 609k/364k
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 8
    Number of 6*: 5
    Number of 5*: 58
    Average Arena Rank: 695
    Type of Play: mostly F2P
    Time-zone: GMT
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  • I’m at 2 million GP so I’m looking for a guild who takes geo TB and TW seriously. I prefer a 250+ GP guild, and would like both treya and Wat shards.

    What I can offer:

    600 tickets per day
    100% participation in TW and TB
    Will join discord for communication
    Working heavily towards unlocking GAS

    Ally code: 921-741-464
    Link to
    Galactic power: 1,923 mil
    Character gp: 1,13 mil
    Ship gp: 791K
    Player level: 85
    Number of 7*: 60
    Number of 6*: 5
    Number of 5*: 12
    Average arena rank: 250-300
    Type of play: f2p but serious and daily
    Time-zone: GMT+2 But flexible
  • 😂👍🏻
  • PastoSeco
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    I’m looking for a guild for my alt. Lvl 85, 600k GP. I’m looking for Heroic raid shards. My main is 5.75mil GP and I can offer occasional HAAT solos for the alt guild. Will unlock SLKR in ~1 month and then can offer occasional HSTR solos.
    Alt: 952778947
    Main: 643184114
    Discord: PastoSeco#1475
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  • dvn
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    Hi, looking for a guild to get started with TW. Casual, F2P and stuck on a minor account.

    Ally-Code: 184-467-246
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 246 k
    Character/Ship GP: 146 K/100 K
    Player Level: 74
    Number of 7*: 2
    Number of 6*: 1
    Number of 5*: 5
    Average Arena Rank: 1800
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT+1 (sweden)
  • ShockWaveSix
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    I think I'm good now. Thanks to everyone for the barrage of invites
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  • davidwanqwerty
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    hyperdrive player looking for a potential new guild to join in that can get me the guild event 2 tokens needed for male and nego.

    gp around 800-900k

    arena 900

    fleet 490

    i have a decent bastila lead jedi team with a 40k damage yoda and also a pretty good empire team but no zetas on vader yet

    central time

    i have found myself a suitable guild, thanks to everyone who kindly asked me to join theirs.
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    no longer a f2p since i bought the hyperdrive bundle
  • Looking for active guild that runs low level raids.

    I started playing yesterday but I'm power gaming this game so by the time you read this, it might be outdated:

    Ally code: 369-376-514
    Gp: 12k
    Player level: 33
    Type of play: f2p
    Timezone: Flexible, whatever is needed
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    Well, hell I ain't no politician; kissing **** just ain't my style.
  • Blue_Sunday
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    EDIT: Found a guild. I appreciate all those that reached out.
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  • Gumbybuddy21
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    Found guild thanks you!
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