IG-88 quest completion in Geo TB?



  • Now that just messed up......
  • I remember how cool it was when I finished the Boba quest. Then I saw I had to fulfill Greedo's contract another 500 times. Instant buzz kill. If you are a long time player it's not feasible to complete most of these quests.
  • Now I am worried that when I take a vacation from my guild in a few months from now, this quest won't be working in LS Hoth either. I'm only willing to swap guilds once.....

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    Hi Lenders!!! You and I back in the same thread from 6months ago. Should we be surprised? I really wish they would fix this.
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    This situations are just ridiculous, even more for a company like EA/CG.
    When you build a quest in a game, without specific timeline, there are only 2 simple things you need to do...make it achievable when you launch it and KEEP it achievable.

    If you can't do this you are just being incompetent...when you keep this matter unsolved for months and assume that this were a "bug" you are getting from incompetence to something else (that probably is better not write in here).

    Solve it like you should or just do what we already have seen in the past (nobody would really be disappointed anyway), go back and treat this like it "was working as intended" and just "waste" 5m of your precious time to change the text in there and put HOTH in it.
  • I could see a problem here if the rewards were actually good. But these quest rewards are a complete joke!!! To take a toon to G12 takes a lot of resources and time. And to do all that for 15 crystals and a picture is just plain insulting. I’ve personally been stuck on the Asoka Fulcrum quest forever now because she is a garbage toon that isn’t worth taking to G12. It is a little strange that CG hasn’t tried to monetize these quests somehow. Maybe they will require all of them to be completed before we can start the new galactic challenges if they ever show up.
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    AceCV wrote: »
    when you keep this matter unsolved for months

    Months? How cute. Well technically everything past one month is months but I digress.

    The original IG88 quest but is now over 13 months old.

    What some people are complaining now is that now, the quest doesn't work in Hoth either!

    Imagine how it feels to leave your current guild family, give up on GeoTB rewards and join a "lower" guild so you can progress in the quest only to find out that the quest, as described, doesn't work at all!
  • In all seriousness did the OP person submit the new bug to show that now even the Hoth battles aren’t registering?
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