Number of Shipments store items for credits question

Does anybody else recall when there were more items for sale in the Shipments store section, specifically for the gear that costs credits? It's predominantly excess scavenger material at a certain point, but not always.
I recollect that there were 5 items for credits sale versus 4. I for sure remember when the credit items' location was moved to the bottom of the screen and then moved back to the top (and the refunds). But I'm asking about the amount.

I can see a few scenarios:
1. I'm wrong
2. There was an update to reduce the items
3. It was reduced when I hit level 85 years ago
4. It was reduced because I didn't buy all 5 items on a consistent basis

Any thoughts for this personally nagging question?


  • As far as I can remember (Nov 2016), it has always been 4 items. The credit items used to be at the very bottom of the list though.
  • Ultra
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    I think the shipment store is different at lower levels, so you might be right but at level 85, its always been 4 items for a few years now, which are mostly for scavenge afaik
  • Sheesh
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    It's been always 4 but like LendersQuiz mentioned, they used to be at the bottom so if something was added, it would shift the cells a spot so perhaps that's why you thought the quantity was different?
  • When the weekly shipment store first started up I think they did some credit items at the bottom of that for a while. Maybe you're thinking of that?
  • It's always been 4, the only difference is it's at the top of the list as opposed to the bottom, as others have stated. That moved when they moved the bronzium packs to the front of the store so you didnt have to scroll thought all the whale bait packs just to get to bronzium packs.
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