Are journey guide mega packs worth it ?

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So I’m only asking in terms of the Darth Revan event and the C3PO event as none of the others are relevant to me at the moment. I basically either don’t have or have very low the characters for both events and the journey guide mega pack is worth 2450 crystals. I earn between 300-400 a day depending on if I finish in the top 5 or top 10 in my fleet and I’m trying to work out if it’s worth me using those crystals to farm each character individually through refreshes or saving it up over a week and buying the journey guide pack. Any opinions would be great


  • Short answer : No

    But, if you have the income to spend, yes as money wont matter in the long run and the rewards will make a difference
  • Jarvind
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    Packs are always a personal value proposition. For some people they'll be great because they save farming time, for others they're too expensive to justify. You just need to figure out if they're worth it to you at the price point offered.

  • mariogsh
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    Depend, IMHO

    For example, Rey's one seems not worth it for me, you're receiving the chance of having a toon which is not even required for the event

    Darth Revan's one is totally worth it if you have not started your farms yet
    I swear half of all my character shards (for DR), specially Canderous and Bastila Shan Fallen were from the mega packs, and even with that advantage farming the remaining shards were a total pain.
  • el_mago
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    I had money to spend and the mega packs for both the Aggressive Negotiations event and the Contact Protocol event saved me a TON of time farming separatists and ewoks, respectively. But, as previously mentioned, it's very much personal preference as to the value they'll bring to you.
  • I did it for both Revans and had 7* within £100 each
  • Raptus
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    When I can spare crystals I usually do them to farm characters not currently in my energy pool. It's up to you, and what you need. I personally wouldn't do it for one character but if a pack has multiple characters you'll need later (Padme's pack for me) then it can shorten your farming period.
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