Has anyone calculated out GL signal data needed?

Totals for

GL Rey & SLKR are different from each other, though not by a lot (one SLKR toon gets away with r5 instead of r7), but JML and SEE are going to be completely different from that.

I could go through & do the calc's, but if someone had them done already, that would be easier. I recognize that the calculations for JML & SEE will change in the next day or two when the final requirements are released, but I didn't think there was any harm in putting out the call now - heck the requirements might be released within a couple hours, who knows?

For my personal sake, I'd be interested in knowing JML required signal data without the SD required to get JKL, but for the sake of the larger community, we should probably list the JKL signal data requirements (but do so separately) so people can see for themselves how it would affect their own personal GL decision and/or farming schedule.


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