Bugged B2 Wave 4 of Phase 1

I encountered what I believe to be a bug.

I was in the Light Side Combat Mission at Rear Flank territory, and was fighting with my General Skywalker + 501st clones.

On the last wave there was an 8 stack B2 droid. And contrary to what happens, eventough multiple units hit it in the same attack, the stacks only decreased by 1, it meant I had to take 8 turns before I could kill the unit.

I don't believe this is normal, and of course it cost me the ability to complete the wave.


  • CamaroAMF
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    That’s part of elite General Kalani’s Kit.
  • Yep, thanks for the reply, I realized that while searching the forum. Fine printing...
  • I encountered a similar bug today and I don't think it was General K mechanic. I don't want to report bug as I'm not sure but wondering if others experience it. Same mission same wave (Rear Flank, Wave 4) using Padmé squad, I start with focus on B2. Stacks of Droid Battalion drop to 5 but drop no further. I believe I went through 2 full squad turn rotations on B2 and Droid Battalion stacks never dropped below 5. Switched to B1 out of frustration and ultimately lost the wave.
  • Update - a guildmate reported same thing happened to him. So I filed a bug report. IF anyone else experiences this, would you mind giving my bug report a "me too" or replying to it with your situation? https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Geo-LSTB-B2-Droid-Battalion-stacks-not-reducing-when-hit/m-p/9599876#M43175
  • I had a b2 that wouldn’t die until I killed the tactical droid. I assumed it was some part of the kit that I’d somehow not encountered yet.
  • Sounds similar and possibly related. Maybe it is an existing mechanic that I've not encountered before. But I've always targeted B2 first and have made it 4/4 many times with this squad, so this current behavior struck me as not typical. And annoying.
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