82 Banners in a fleet battle?!

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How is this possible? I thought 72 was the maximum you could obtain in a fleet battle? From my count, this person should have had 66. What am I missing here?
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  • I forgot to add that in the end it didn't matter really since I misplayed on one of my attacks so I would have lost anyways but the total banners just seemed too high in general. So I check swgoh.gg and this shows.
  • The swgoh.gg calculations are messed up and have been for a while.
  • Thanks. Added up the numbers and they came out if you assumed 66 in my opponents fleet battle. This can be closed.
  • I’ve had the same problem and it cost me the win in my GAC.
    Is there a way I can report it?
  • @CG_Leviathan is this cheating or a bug? Either way, it cost me the win and possibly Kyber.
  • @KJR_RN swgoh.gg had the wrong numbers in my case and appears to be common. Add up the points from the rest of the battles with the other point they earned through team placements and conquering territories. The difference between this number and the posted number of total banners will give you however many points they actually won in fleets which will likely be different than what is posted on swgoh.gg.
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