KRU is a monster.

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I forgot to take a screenshot of this but i am a level 50 beginner who was doing the last battle of Galactic War. The other team was- Level 52 Og Kylo, Boba Fett, tarkin, farmboy luke and jedi consular. I did not have a lot of good toons left except dooku and Kru.My team was- Dooku, kru, royal guard, clone wars chewie and consular. Things did not look good when everyone was dead except kru, the enemy team had boba fett, farmboy luke , tarkin and jedi consular left, BUT........ they couldn't get through Kru because of his health regen and he destroyed them all. Boy am i glad i got him to gear 6 for his health regen ability
I'll get my first Gl...after 50 years


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