First "Meta" Team - 5 Year Anniversary

In a similar vein to my other post looking back on our favorite "useless" characters we've used as passion projects over the years, I wanted to spread some positivity for the anniversary by asking everyone who's been here if they remember their first "meta" team? What was the first group of characters you threw together in early 2016? Did they even have synergy or did you just like the characters?

I remember I was running a Jedi team just because I liked them. I had my Luminara Lead, Mace Windu, Eeth Koth, Jedi Consular, and Ahsoka. Ah how the mighty have fallen :D


  • Kyno
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    Pre Wiggs - I loved running the meta proof droids/jawa engineer
  • Clones. I had *7 G10 Clones (Except Sgt) before i even got Phoenix.
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    kello_511 wrote: »
    The first meta team I (sort of) remember using included Geo Soldier, QGJ, Royal Guard, STHan and it was under a Dooku lead.
    Although I may be mid-remembering/mixing a few metas together....someone can correct me.

    Awhile later I remember getting Rey (before they added the “Scavenger” part to her name). As she was leaving the meta I remember saying to a guild mate that she hit so hard that I couldn’t imagine a time when she wouldn’t be a top toon.

    The only time I’ve ever been wrong.

    Anyone else get shivers remembering back to any of the "dodge metas"....

    I used to try to run that meta almost at launch. I used to think evasion had the potential to be the most broken stat under leads like Lumi or Ahsoka. I was young and naive
  • Nothing really qualified as meta until Phasma lead got buffed and then suddenly my FO squad (Phasma, Kylo, FOST, FOTP, FOO) became a powerhouse and earned me an invite to the shard mafia.
    Before that, I ran
    1. Ackbar, Biggs, StHan, Farmboy, Lumi
    2. Lando, Biggs, Wedge, StHan, Qui-Gon
    3. Palp, Vader, RG, TFP, Boba
    4. Krennic, Drooper, TFP, K2SO, Cassian (that was a hoot)
    Probably started Squad Arena with Lumi lead, it was a popular option in 2015 ... you know, because of all the healing. But nowhere near meta.
  • GConquerer
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    Ah, the times before we had Galactic Legends. For me it was the CLS lead, GenKen, Thrawn, Raid Han, and R2D2 team.
    And then it became the Zeta Finn Resistance team.
  • crzydroid
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    Not meta, but my first synergy team was Ackbar lead, Leia, ST Han, Pathfinder, and Biggs. They actually ended up working really well early game because of all the tm and speed manipulation and assists, and Ackbar's dispel/heal was great at a time when everyone was trying to run Sidious and newly unlocked Vader. I cleared a lot of GWs with that team.

    I had planned on eventually adding Wedge, but once I was able to get to his node I was sick of seeing Wiggs everywhere, so I stuck with alternative teams until JTR really, though I was running a CLS team before that that could have been considered a little closer to the meta.
  • I started 10 months after launch and I do not remember the first team I used. I remember early in the game using Wedge, Biggs, Lando, stHan and QGJ and I remember the team that gave me my first 500 crystals reward which was Rex lead, Nihilus, Chirrut, Baze and Barris. It was the triple cleanse, hide the Nihilus team.......
  • I think cls chaze was my first "wow a decent team" moment. probably with wiggs idk. han maybe? pre-chewie? who knows lol
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • My first really successful team in arena was zPalp, Vader, zThrawn, zSion and Nihilus.
    I could easily climb to top 50 with that lol.
  • GConquerer wrote: »
    Ah, the times before we had Galactic Legends.

    Before mods!
  • I ran Ima lead with aayla, kit, yoda and plo. It was't top teir but it sure was fun!
  • Dooku, royal guard, soldier, qgj and ???? Never had st han back then. My first 7*s were greedo and tarkin
  • Qgj lead jedi. I loved that squad, I remember defending my decision to leave in lumi because of that ability block. Then they released zetas and I was set!
  • scuba
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    What ever that was
  • KueChael
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    Mine was Phasma lead, Sid, Dooku, RG and Tie pilot. Ouch!
  • KueChael wrote: »
    Mine was Phasma lead, Sid, Dooku, RG and Tie pilot. Ouch!

    That was such an awesome squad
  • I didn't hit the meta until I got GAS. Was always one meta behind.

    Now where's the Beano?
  • CLS was my first real meta team and I used it to climb on JKRs and got myself into the arena shard chat. Have been first in arena ever since. Team that changed the game for me and allowed me to get 900 crystals a day. Used those crystals to catch up on the next metas and eventually got ahead and have been ahead ever since. So happy its still one of the strongest teams till this day.
  • I'd say maul was my first meta team about a week before it changed lol
  • I think my very first arena team was some mashup under Phasma. The first "meta" team I recall was droids, although I lacked Poe to make them truly meta.
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
  • I enjoyed using Rex, CLS, GK, Wampa & someone else, maybe Nest or DN. I've forgotten who it was.
  • I only remember it was a team with the tusken shaman, but close I was getting him to full stars he got nerfed....maybe someone can remember!?
  • Mine was dodge meta. I lucked into a Dooku team, because I had just finished taking him to 7* g11 a couple days prior to the fix to his leadership ability. I only remember Dooku lead with Rey and RP. Don't remember the other 3. It was 6 months after I started, and it was the first time I finished even top 50. I've been a top 10 arena player since.
  • First synergy decent team I had was dangerzone, I was just short on the fast sthan teams.. fave one was probably the rex lead anti meta teams.. rex, fast r2, old Ben, nihlus and wampa was just genius when I saw it..
  • First one I attained was zQGJ. First I remember hearing about was Old Ben lead, during the so-called 'Dodge Meta.'
  • I ran Luminara (lead), Rey, Royal Guard, Clone Wars Chewbacca, and Daka to help keep the double tanks up while Rey did the heavy lifting. I used that for a LONG time.

    My first “meta” team was once Omegas were added—HK (lead), IG-88, IG-86, General Grievous (I farmed him the day he was added, lol! Got to 7* just a bit after he was added to fleet store) and Jawa Engineer. Man, that team was unstoppable on offense. B2 eventually replaced 86 and it just got better.
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  • The old school Poe/Droid meta.
    HK-47(L)IG88, IG86, poggle, poe (St Han if you didn't have Poe) that was back when The Force Awakens came out. HK had a 50% chance to revive. Then came the Dooku dodge meta with Royal Guard. Also wanted to mention Keycard battles where around then.
    R.i.P keycard battles. They were useless 🍺😢
  • kello_511 wrote: »
    Awhile later I remember getting Rey (before they added the “Scavenger” part to her name). As she was leaving the meta I remember saying to a guild mate that she hit so hard that I couldn’t imagine a time when she wouldn’t be a top toon.

    The only time I’ve ever been wrong.

    She’s surprisingly still really good in some areas. 3v3, her standalone damage makes her extremely splashable, especially against Geonosians where she can one-shot Brood Alpha if she can just get past Brute’s taunt. It helps that I’ve got her at r7 because I went for Galactic Legend Rey. Your mileage may vary!
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
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