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And there’s still no Death Star Raid or Red 5. What the heck are y’all doing up there? Stop trying to find ways only to make money and make a good game!
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  • People had similar sentiments about Jedi Knight Luke. Always something missing
    I reject your reality and substitute my own.
  • More importantly, no Jarjar Binks! WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT CG?!? I DEMAND A REFUND!!! :D
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    You tricked me into reading another complaint thread with your purposely vague thread title, congrats.
    The CGDF requests that CG takes away everyone's Extra Life Charity Event rewards. We don't deserve them. https://discord.gg/AmStGTH
  • There's an entire EA Star Wars flight sim game (squadrons) which also has no death star. We should be happy we have characters.
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    no B-wing or A-wing as well but I am thinking this game mode will get some love when the New Rangers of the New Republic comes out... hoping sooner though.
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