Echoes in the Force. 26⭐ DS Geo - 40 WAT - 12⭐ LS Geo - 10 KAM. Looking for active players.

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Echoes in the Force

We want to play smartly within our available time, without stress or burnout.
Challenge Pit is cleared! We want players to make it easier for everyone.

You should have:
- A focused roster with 4M+ GP
- At least 1 GL (JMK preferred)
- Motivation to deal high damage in Challenge Pit
- Players with KAM, WAT and CPit teams are preferred
- Willingness to be part of a great guild
- A desire to play and win smartly

Canada/US/Europe guild. 205M GP.
Challenge Pit is Cleared!
Raids generally start around 12:00 EST. We sim Pit and Haat.
DS Geo TB (26 stars - 40 WAT shards) and LS Geo TB (12 stars - 10 KAM shards). Full TB participation is expected.
TW participation is optional. TW win ratio over 80%.

If you want to join, visit our recruitment chat on discord:
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