For the love of GOD, saved Fleet squads

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Seriously CG, this has to be the simplest possible QoL feature you could possibly provide. Give us the ability to to save fleet squads for GOD’S SAKE!

Every single night, and every single TW, I have to go through the tedium of having to manually select fleets. It’s ridiculous.
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  • The new UI could handle this so easily I cannot imagine what technical challenges would arise here. Just is not a priority...unless they make you pay to unlock the ability to save fleets. don't give them any suggestions.
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    Ship squads should have taken priority over a new UI that we really didn’t need. Ship squads has been one of the most, if not THE most, requested things to come to the game. Over a billion dollars….figure it out.
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    If CG has no problem changing characters’ skins, I’m sure they can do ship loadouts. We’ll probably have a full Tusken faction before they give us ship loadouts though, sadly 😔.
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
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