QoL suggestion for TB

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I know the Territory Battles are old content and probably won’t getting any adjustments but I have a suggestion for a small fix that would make them a bit more fun to play.
Please would you consider changing the platoons to only require characters of the opposite faction you’re using to fight the battles with?
I understand the initial thought to why it is the way it is but I think the result make this game mode less fun to play. Let people do the battles with their favorite/best teams intact.
Yes it would make the TBs slightly easier but would that be so bad at this point? It can’t really be considered end game content anymore.
I guess for Hoth it wouldn’t really matter since the characters used in platoons are obsolete by now but for LS Geo it would help a little against the fatigue a lot of guild members are feeling. At least in my guild.
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  • I see no problem with them rewarding players/guilds with broad rosters in the passive platoon missions in TB but that shouldn’t detract from the teams used for active battles. Making the game mode easier isn’t my main concern even if that’s welcome as well but I at least want it to be enjoyable and fun.
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