Ally Points

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Any chance of putting a button on similar to scavenged stuff where you can get rid of 50x Ally points at a time (equivalent in ally value whatever that is). It’s pain staking for someone who just plays it on their phone. I’ve got 200k to get rid of.
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  • Install an auto-clicker/tapper or if you are good with LEGO, build this:

  • Be warned , the pop up adds that have become more prevalent can really screw you if they fire when using an auto clicker. Your auto clicker will happily click the add that pops up in your bronzium buying and take you to a different place and buy the pack on offer until all your crystals are gone. @CG_Doja_Fett can this be looked into ? Not sure it's intentional, and I know auto clickers are not supported , but anyone manually clicking repeatitvely can also accidently do the same thing. Let's be honest , this is not hard to do if clearing a backlog of ally points that you have been too busy to spend each day.
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