Feats Without A Counter

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In either Challenges or Conquest, be it health regain, TM removal - with no counter...please stop.

Yes, I get them done. No, it's not fun or a "puzzle".
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    I find the ones in Conquest to be the most egregious. They rolled it out knowing that they needed to add a counter. And still added feats that need it. And at least in challenges it doesn’t cost you anything, besides time, to fail. Conquest fails cost energy and by association, crystals. That’s completely unacceptable.
  • Fieldgulls wrote: »
    QOL improvements = 0 profit
    Relics = excessive profits

    This is not asking for a qol improvement. It's asking for necessary functionality.

    Right now, these feats are like a car with no gas gauge, speedometer, and odometer.
  • Electronic Arts is a huge game company, I feel like they could find a practical way to dispaly a real time feat counter; like a drop down menu that displays data the game obviously has anyways. I like to think* this is something they didn't do, and not something they can't do (because that would be sad)
    *Actually, I don't like to think they chose not to add one, the lack of is annoying me and is the sole reason for my visit to the forum today.

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    Number of times we have asked...

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