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Sooooo for like a month now swgoh periodically crashes, and as we're all aware, this is a billion dollar game, so for the problem to persist is pretty ridiculous imo
Devs said they were aware forever ago but haven't announced a formal fix yet (I know, each update "should" reduce the number of crashed)
However, this is a pretty serious issue that has cost players a significant amount of resources. Me personally (and I don't even think I've been affected that much compared to guildmates) some arena payouts (700 crystals total), one top 10 Sith Raid reward, one crancor top 5 reward, and a KAM shard.
I definitely feel like some type of compensation is necessary, and more than the standard couple hundred crystals.
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    Please report all bugs and issues to Answers HQ. You can discuss with them if they will compensate you based on the issue.
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