Players Looking For Guilds - February 2021 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Cimer
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    Hi, been playing for a few months and need a decent clan to get activities done for "mid game" progression.
    Ally code: 325-188-216
    UK time zone

    Guild FOUND
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    Just started playing again on a fresh account, Looking for an active guild to progress in will be highly active and very competitive for a F2P.

    Currently on Day 3 at level 43.

    5* - 1

    Ally Code: 198-346-316

    Uk Time Zone
  • Obi_Juan_49
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    Edit: Found a guild, thanks for all the replies
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  • Stiletto
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    Just came back after a year or so off the game. Looking for a CASUAL guild, and by casual I mean laid back, looking to enjoy the game. I get my 600 tickets in without issue but I miss the occasional raid. I have CLS, Grievous, and a couple other big characters but have a lot more to unlock. More interested in running Hoth than Geo at the moment since I've never been in a guild that got 45 stars and I need Wampa and GM Yoda.

    Ally-Code: 684-678-231
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 4M
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 120
    Number of 7* ships: 32
    Number of Zetas: 46
    Average Arena Rank: 1000
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Central US

    Found a new guild. Thanks!
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  • Shadala
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    Looking for a active (!) guild, my current is not active enough for me:
    Ally code: 555-555-872
    Link to
    GP: ~3.8+m (playing ~22 Months I think)
    Number of 7*: 161
    Timezone: middle europe
    Type of Play: F2P
    Language: english or german
    Level 85, 45 zetas, farming gear and chars for Geo TB squads and galactic legends.
    I am a daily (at least once a day) player, getting the 600 done every day, participating in TW/TB. I'm not very chatty.
    I you use discord for organization this is okay for me.
    Type of guild I'm looking for:
    I'm looking for a active(!) guild. That means people getting the 600 tickets for raids and participating in guild events. I have a real life and I respect everyone who has a RL too. If RL catches you, I won't complain, but if you are online, get the guild things done.
    Also you should do ds/ls geo. Achieving 22+* in ds geo would be nice.

    Feel free to message me here or on discord

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  • GrievousGral
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    Active F2P player, looking for an active guild, I have SLKR and ready to unlock JKLS, my next objective is to unlock Master Obi Wan, so I will work on my shak and clone team.

    Ally Code: 898-736-871
    GP: 4.5 mil
    Country: México
    Average Fleet: 2
    Average Arena: 219

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  • Jimbles
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    Active player on second account now, started couple days ago. Level 31 but playing every day. Looking for an active guild.
    Phoenix team in the making and empire team soon.

    Ally code: 335-683-281

    13,890 GP
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    Ally-Code: 877-661-596
    Link to
    (If no account, it would be helpful to list who your gear 12 or Relic characters are, or if you have a lot, say how many)
    Galactic Power: 5,011,186
    Character/Ship GP: Character: 2,948,586 Ship: 2,062,600
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*:173
    Average Arena Rank: 291
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale) F2P
    Time-zone: Central Time Chicago

    Add on me discord: HeyZeus#3241
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    Returning player looking for Norwegian/skandinavian guild

    Ally Code: 441-176-322

    Player lvl 85

    Number of 7* Too many

    GP (tot) :2,587,958

    GP (Char) :1.560,214

    GP (ships) : 1,027,744

    Time sone : Oslo

    Discord: Staale#7441
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    I'm just wondering how good of a guild I can get in. I don't necessarily need a new one, but I'm curious how much better of a guild I can find my way into.

    I'll have GAS in a few months. After that I'm either chasing the Bad Batch or a GL.
  • Thorwyn
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    Found a new place! Thanks to all interested in having me...
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  • LeRoiRatonus
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    Active and tryhard player who knows what he is doing. Wish to do well in GAC and Fleet.

    600 tickets a day/active/focused.

    Level 83

    562 094 galactic power with half in ship

    500 in arena and 20 in fleet

    F2P player/Dolphin

    7 star character: 17

    Ally Code : 577-857-289

    Discord : Le Roi Ratonus #0435

    Time Zone: France/Paris

    Going for a top tier padme team first for squad arena and the malevolence as my fleet
    I do need a guild that does well in TB for level 2 Guild Currency

    Will soon be able to get Wat Tambor shards since a padme team is my objective therefore i already have good Geos close to 16500.I wish to relic The Brood Alpha at least

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  • Crowlick
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    Former player returning. Started a new account and bought the hyperdrive bundle. Otherwise low to no spending.
    717k gp.
    Will get 600 tickets daily.
    Looking for a guild that is doing heroic Sith Raid to start getting Traya shards.
    Ally code: 825-718-624
    Pacific time zone in USA
    Currently working toward SLKR
  • IllusiveM0nkey
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    Found guild
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    Hello there
    I’m an experienced player whose just started up a new account. I’m hoping for a guild that runs at least a 7* rancor raid.
    I’ve already got Old Ben to 7*.

    Ally-Code: 821-623-242
    Galactic Power: 31,336
    Player Level:
    Number of 7*: 1
    Number of 6*:
    Number of 5*: 2
    Average Arena Rank: in 400s & climbing
    Type of Play: Dolphin
  • Vesuvan1979
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    Fairly new player looking for an alliance which is preferably using Discord and engaging on raids, territory battles, etc. and able to be patient with a newer player who learns quickly and is as active as I can be in the game.

    I'm mostly free-to-play (I've purchased one ship pack on making level 60), and have been pushing a single team for the most part (Phoenix). I'm in Australia / GMT +8 timezone but happy to be in an international team. Level 68 / 280K GP.

    Ally Code: 665-943-285

    [EDIT]: Sorted now, thanks
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  • Gingle87
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    EDIT: I’ve found a guild now, thanks everyone for so many responses! If I ever switch it up again in the future I know where to come. Thank you all.

    I love Star Wars and I love playing this game well, but I just need a little bit more flexibility.

    I’m a 3.5-year veteran player looking to remain active in a guild without super strict participation requirements. I recently left an awesome day 1 guild I’d been in for years, only because I want a little more flexibility with real life. I want to play the game when I’m able but also not have to worry about large ticket requirements. Their rules were more than fair and only required 450 tickets. Most days I got 600, but they had a 3 strike rule and I’ve recently struggled to hit that on 3 or 4 days each of the past few months because I’m spending more time with my family. So I decided to step aside to make way for someone there more consistently active. I still plan to play the game, but I’m prioritizing family first and want an active but flexible guild where I don’t have to worry about striking out after a few days within a month if I end up not having time.

    For context, my old guild was farming CPIT, got 7* Wat a long time ago, was getting 15-20 KAM shards (10 more and I unlock him), and got 17* in LSTB & 30* in DSTB. Ideally I’d like something close to this if possible so I can stay growing at a similar rate, but I know that might be a tough ask considering I’m also looking for flexible participation requirements. But if your guild might match my interests, let me know because you might be…my density.

    I plan to play as much as I can and want to continue developing my roster. There are lots of teams at the top of my to-do list that are just a gear level or a few relic levels away from being fully developed. I have GL Rey, just unlocked JKL and got him to R7, plus 2 R8 characters with almost enough materials for a third. I honestly probably want to build up a few squads before going full force towards another GL. But my next closest GL is JML or possibly GLOW depending on his full requirements. I also LOVE ships. If you think I’d be a good fit in your guild based on everything I shared above, let me know. Thanks!

    * Ally-Code: 229-942-398
    * Link to
    * Gl Rey, R8 GK, R8 GAS
    * Galactic Power: 5.51mil
    * Character/Ship GP: 2.45mil
    * Player Level: 85
    * Number of 7*: 139
    * Number of 6*: 11
    * Number of 5*: 14
    * Average Arena Rank: currently, 184 squad & 33 fleet, BUT!! That’s lower than normal because I’ve been busy the last two months. Normally I climb to #1 in fleet daily and either top 100 or top 50 in squad if I have the time (I have climbed to #1 in both).
    * Type of Play: F2P
    * Time-zone: EST
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    Veteran player with 2 accounts looking for an UK based guild without strict participation requirements.
    I'm Active in TW and DS Geo TB, uses Discord and focused on character farming rather than meta chasing.
    Can be contacted via in-game chat, would prefer both accounts to be in the same guild where possible. Player Level 85.

    Main account - Nicolette
    Ally Code: 428-336-981
    GP: 4,616,904
    G13: 25
    G12: 24
    Actively farming GL Luke
    Broad roster of squads, F2P, 600 achieved and active in guild activities

    2nd account: DarthNiall8
    Ally Code: 869-798-232
    GP: 1,830,453
    G13: 3
    G12: 5
    Actively farming GL Palatine
    Hyperdrive acct, F2P, concise roster, 600 achieved and active in guild activities
  • Wintahs_Comin
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  • timboc2
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    Have found a guild, thanks
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  • timboc2
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    Guild found
  • Razor
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    I'm looking for a guild who accept merc job
    I can solo Heroic Sith Triunvitare,
    I can help with Heroic Pit strategy either, but the guild must be ready to face the Rancor alone as well. -> My profile

    571-864-397 -> Ally Code

    MrRazor#0766 -> Discord.
  • Stultum21
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    Found a guild, thanks everyone
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  • Crophopper7
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    6.4m GP Player Looking For A New Home....

    Ally Code - 179-479-948

    I'm looking for a nice easy going friendly guild that is UK based and will let me play the game as I see fit and not having to focus on X,Y and Z. Ideally doing both GEO TB's and I don't use Discord!!!

    What you will get is a experienced active player, 600 daily tickets, will always do the TB's but not so active with TW's.

    I also have both Rey and JMLS and working towards SLKR..

    Message me on here or in game


    Guild Found
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  • Miketheman_218
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    No longer looking for a guild
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  • BraveSirRobin
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    guild found thanks
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  • Michaels
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    Hi all, looking for a guild after lsgtb. Must be competitive all around, 310M+ gp
    ~6.4M gp, having gl Luke and slkr.
    Ally code: 936341584
    Preferably EU guild.
    Contact me on discord: Michaels#3922
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    Hey guys i took about a 3 month break but i’m ready to get back into the game and start growing some more. I’ve got about 1.6 mil GP along with a pretty solid roster including JKR, DR, and Malak, and on the ship side of things almost a 6 star negotiator. Very active player looking for a solid guild!
    Ally code 951-225-993 -
    Toons - ~1 mil
    Ships - ~ 700k
    Will produce 600 tickets a day!
  • Phredhead105
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    Found some responses. Good for know. Thanks all.
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  • Yasminge
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    UK based player, took a couple months break due to university but am looking to return to the game. Currently preparing for the master Kenobi GL, so hopefully my GR squads will improve to help out more on light side Geo TB. I already have my separatists fleshed out enough to accomplish all their darkside geo battle specif missions. Ideally a guild which an do the heroic rancor raid as I somehow need to relic 8 my general Kenobi :/
    Ally-Code: 633-667-845
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2,551,622
    Character/Ship GP: 1,446,567/ 1,105,055
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*:83
    Average Arena Rank: 750
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT
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