Ally Code Sharing [October/November 2020]



  • 966-816-995 Would be very grateful for ally help in clearing Mod stages.
  • jsaras12
    18 posts Member
    New (old) Player. I haven't played in over four years and need new allies. Deep roster, but not that strong anymore.

  • IWH
    7 posts Member
    Please share your ally code or add me, need 'em for borrowing high troops
  • brigg
    8 posts Member
    New player here also looking for ally help: 367-748-527
  • Returning player on a fresh account looking for strong allies that enhance Phoenix/Rebels or can solo carry through tough stages. May the force be with you.

  • Hello! I'm a new player just getting going a few days ago. If anyone would be willing to ally with me I'd really appreciate it! Thank you in advance and here is my code: 771-644-832
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