Zsolt's Journey Guide for My Fellow Newbies - Thrawn 7*

Hello Everyone.

So after getting Emperor Palpatine you may go on to the second target right away with the Phoenix gang - Admiral Thrawn.

Actually, if you have all your Phoenix to gear 9 and have 5* mods upgraded to level 15, I think that you are not going to have any problems. You may use the same toons just like for Palpatine.

Use Hera's assist to either deal extra damage with Ezra or use Zeb to stun the Death Troopers. But first, let's see the last stage of the event itself.


So the first level - Stormtroopers, you should not have any problems with them, even Hera can destroy them with her basic.

Let's see the next one.


Here, try to focus first on the TIE pilots, then the Officer. Trooper won't stand a chance after that.

Third stage:


Death Troopers will use their grenades, the mass counter will kick in and they will be destroyed nearly immediately, with Gear 9 and 5* mods, you should not lose your protection. After the Deathtroppers, pick the remaining dudes.

And for Thrawn:


As you can see on this pic, a quite unfortunate event happened, my Zeb got the Fracture. The main problem is that I switched my best mods from the Phoenix team to the rebels for the CLS event, but in a fortunate case, your team should be faster than Thrawn's team. The biggest issue here is the taunt from the Stormtrooper. You should immediately cancel that stun and focus on the Deathtroppers, if not, they will whip your **** big time. Use the assists with Zeb to stun them. If you have enough Potency, you can even Stun Thrawn, avoiding a ton of problems. If you are able to defeat the two Deathtroppers then focus on Thrawn. I managed to do that event with 2 stars, as I lost two members from the team, but it is doable. Of course, you will need some RNG, but if you do not want to deal with the Phoenix anymore, Gear 10 is just not worth the hustle. Gear 9 should be enough for the whole team. However, consider spending on Omegas, as they will help a lot!

Even if you manage to do the event with 1*, you will get the remaining shards for Thrawn, thus awarding you one of the best overall plug-n-play toons.

My Thrawn at the moment: ( It is not the best, but for now, it suffices, I started to focus on CLS, to get a kick-**** light side party, later, I will be able to get Sion from the Light Side Hard node and the Shoretrooper too...but for now, I have to shift focus)


High Speed is good for Thrawn to put the Fracture on anyone you want to before the opponent gets his/her turn. The other set...your choice.

Thanks for reading, the next one is going to be on CLS as I decided to get him. I have just get him a few days ago.


  • Zanir
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    G9 on Phx requires some important purple gear. G8 with good mods, omegas on uniques and Hera lead, plus some decent RNG and you can do Tier 7.
  • Zanir wrote: »
    G9 on Phx requires some important purple gear. G8 with good mods, omegas on uniques and Hera lead, plus some decent RNG and you can do Tier 7.

    You are absolutely right! However, I prefer less frustration :) Omegas are a must for the unique though, I agree. Higher gear secures fewer runs. I presented my strategy. Naturally, RNG may prefer some with less gear. Thanks for the comment!
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