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Developers, a major issue with the game currently is someone using a ZPalpatine or a ZBastila in a leadership position to carry a relatively unimpressive one, two, or three other characters which leads to the ridiculously low power rating in Arena. I think that leader abilities should only apply if the rest of the team is within two or three levels of the leader. I just fought a ZBastila team with a blue geared level 60 Old Ben. ZBastila’s leader ability made him unkillable which is dumb when facing a completely higher leveled team. Its akin to powerleveling which most other games that are designed well, frown upon.


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    This is a strategy game, there are teams out there that will seem unbeatable when using the "wrong" team composition or even a bad attack strategy.

    This can be more of an issue early on as you develop your roster, but this should be used as a driving force to develop a proper counter team/strategy.

    I dont think I have ever seen a game designed where a character had to be a particular level or gear or other factor like that to benefit from a leader ability, they usually just have to be the correct faction/alignment.
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