49 players with >= 1GL + all meta teams seeks 1 more


We have 49 players with >= 1GL + GAS; DR/ Malak; Padme; JKR; GG. Looking for 1 more with a similar roster.

Our raid times are: HSTR at 6pm UTC ( 2pm ET) (top10 rotation). HAAT sim. HPit sim. Crancor on farm! 6-7PM UTC (2-3pm ET)

We're an extremely focused guild, usually looking for players with tight rosters.

Our main focus is TW, having a 121-10-1 win count.
We do not enforce participation, but if you do join, you must pull your weight.

As we have very dedicated officers, for each game mode, our TB star count is above what you expect from guilds around our GP.

LSGTB we got 21* (18 KAM)
DSGTB we got 31* (40+ Wat)

If you enjoy the pvp aspects of this game (TW, GA, Arena), and you like being challenged all the time, TR is the right guild for you!


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