Any advice for a returning player.

I’ve recently returned to the game following a year long break and I’m looking for a bit of advice in what direction I should be taking.
As you will probably see from my account I am a bit all over the place:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m completely lost with what I should be doing.



  • Rath_Tarr
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    * Build up your Padme GR squad to take over in squad arena
    * Gear up your Geos some enough to beat the DS Geo TB Wat mission (which also helps your fleet)
    * Get into a DS Geo TB guild
    * Save all the GET2 currency you get to unlock Malevolence
  • I agree with that, one thing I can't stress enough, fix your mods up. Idk if your remodding or moving things around or whatever, but make sure you have good mods/right mod sets on toons.
  • In general I agree with the above, will give a few more specific thoughts.
    • Geos: Take GBA and Sun Fac to g12, and Poggle to g11. This will be the team needed for DS Geo TB and the Wat mission (get you into a good guild), and also will have your 3 Geo pilots at g12
    • Take Bossk to g12 and put the zeta on his lead (again will help in fleet for HT and make your BH team stronger). If you want to get that 7* Chewie, you'll just need to gear up your Boba higher probably to g11, the rest you can keep where you have them (don't put more into Cad or Dengar)
    • Vader - Take him to g13 and up to relic 5 levels. This will make him a true force to be reckoned with. I'd also take Thrawn to g11/12 levels (no need to touch your other Empire atm)
    • Fleet - Stay with the 3x Geo + HT, and farm hard that Vulture Droid and start farming the Hyena Bomber. Both are pilotless ships so lower investment, but are ship farms so will be slow
    • Get into a guild doing at least DS Geo TB to get your GET2 currency, save it all until you can unlock Malevolence (get your Grievous to 7*)

    Now a disclaimer, since you have been away for a year+, it will be hard to get a great ranking in Squad Arena, so don't make that your main focus. You should focus on getting your fleet back up to speed as mentioned above, and then see what teams you can put together to help in other areas of the game (TW, GCs/ABs, GAC)

    Squad Pathways
    • Get your Padme squad geared up, JKA to relic 5+ which will make that team powerful (stick R2 with this team and GMY see below)
    • Finish your JKR character farming and get him unlocked. You have the rest of his ideal team already (Jolee, GMY, Bastilla, Hermit Yoda)
    • Get these 2 teams geared up well, g12 or relic levels, then....
    • Go for Darth Revan and Malak after

    This will all take some time, but you have a great start on all of these, it's mainly focusing on gearing up what you have so you shouldn't worry too much about farming character shards at the moment, except the 2 ships I mentioned (plus 7* on HT) and eventually the last 2 OR characters you need (Mission & T3).
  • Thanks for all of the advice, looks as though I have a path to follow. time to concentrate on gearing up some more characters :smile:
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