Turn Meter & Speed Overflow Changes

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Our next Title Update will change how a battle determines which units will go next when multiple units have 100% Turn Meter. Currently, turn order is chosen randomly from all units that have 100% Turn Meter which can lead to some unpredictable results in a match. The new system defines a couple of new turn order rules for units with over 100% Turn Meter to help create more expected outcomes. Our internal testing showed that this change had little impact on match ups but we will be closely monitoring for any significant changes.

In this system, units can have their Turn Meter “overflow” 100%. Units must still reach 100% Turn Meter to take a turn, but the order of the turns will be determined by the unit with the most Turn Meter overflow. The Turn Meter overflow does not act as a buffer against Turn Meter reduction. When a unit with Turn Meter overflow has their Turn Meter reduced, they forfeit all “overflow Turn Meter” before having their 100% Turn Meter reduced.

Here is the order in which units will take turns if multiple units have reached at least 100% Turn Meter:
  1. Unit with the highest Turn Meter overflow value
  2. If multiple units are tied with the exact same Turn Meter overflow value, the unit with the highest Speed will act
  3. If multiple units are tied with the exact same Turn Meter overflow value and the same Speed, one of them will be chosen randomly

NOTE #1: Units who have been granted a bonus turn are subject to the same rules, but they will take their turn before anyone who has not been granted a bonus turn. If there are multiple units with a bonus turn, the order is determined by the same criteria: highest overflow, then highest speed, then randomly.

NOTE #2: The target of effects like Thrawn’s Turn Meter swap will go first the vast majority of the time, but there are some extreme edge cases with high amounts of overflow that could cause another unit to go first

Here is an example of how the system will work with Rex and Echo versus Old Ben and Commander Luke Skywalker:
Assume that each unit has the following current Speed stat
  • Rex: 250
  • Echo: 200
  • CLS: 200
  • Old Ben: 225
Assume that each unit has the following Turn Meter
  • Rex: 100% (Overflow: 10%)
  • Echo: 90%
  • CLS: 100% (Overflow: 30%)
  • Old Ben: 98%
1. CLS goes first since he has the most Turn Meter overflow and uses his Basic against Rex. It critically hits which generates 15% Turn Meter for Rex and Echo.
  • Rex: 100% (Overflow: 25%)
  • Echo: 100% (Overflow: 5%)
  • CLS: 0%
  • Old Ben: 98%
2. Rex takes a turn since he now has the highest amount of overflow and uses Basic against CLS, and Echo is called to assist; this generates 10% Turn Meter for Old Ben
  • Rex: 0%
  • Echo: 100% (Overflow: 5%)
  • CLS: 0%
  • Old Ben: 100% (Overflow: 8%)
3. Old Ben uses Mind Tricks and is not resisted; this reduces each enemy's Turn Meter (Rex and Echo) by 60%
  • Rex: 0%
  • Echo: 40%
  • CLS: 0%
  • Old Ben: 0%

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more information on the upcoming title update!

Additional Note: While Wat Tambor and Han Solo (Raid version) both take a Bonus Turn at the start of battle, Han Solo will always shoot first (as he should!)
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