Commander luke 3rd mission help plz

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No matter what I do I cant beat the 3rd mission in the commander luke line. My stormtrooper han is lvl83 with gear lvl of 10 and 6 stars and my farnboy luke is 5 star lvl 85 and gear lvl 8. I dont know why I cant beat it. I have tried every thing i could think of and nothing works. Help
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  • It’s really about having STHan having survivability and keeping his taunt up as much as possible. Put health/protection/defense mods on STHan and speed/health/offense on Luke.

    It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve done it, but give that a shot.
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    How are your mods?
  • Just go ahead and relic Farmers Only Luke. He will be needed for a GL I’m sure.
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