Is Sith a good counter against Phoenix?

Is Sith team: ep(L), dv, count dooku, Sith assassin and Savage a good counter against phoenix squad in arena?

I'm a noob been playing for 3 months currently ranked 1000 in arena.
There are alot of phoenix and NS between 500-1000.
I currently use empire: ep(L), dv, thrawn, GMT and magmatrooper against phoenix with huge success.
I also use my phoenix against NS with huge success.
Ignore NS with zombie and spirit.
Is sith good counter against phoenix?


  • Sanderzas
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    Sith are a very good counter. However when you progress you might want to use your sith against better teams (in GAC or TW. In arena it doesn't really matter). But until you come to that point use them. They're a very good counter.
    But I'd use thrawn instead of sith assassin or savage because he's just so much better
  • Xcien
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    Add Vader to the (Sith) team. With the bonus TM from his AoE, he is devastating.
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  • Sanderzas
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    Xcien wrote: »
    Add Vader to the (Sith) team. With the bonus TM from his AoE, he is devastating.

    he was in it:
    Is Sith team: ep(L), dv, count dooku, Sith assassin and Savage a good

  • Waqui
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    I wouldn't remove Thrawn from your team. Leave EP, Vader and Thrawn as the core. Piett could be a good addition.
  • Nikoms565
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    If Vader has all his zetas, that team should work against NS too. A pre-taunt tank to replace magma would be more reliable.
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  • Xcien
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    Sanderzas wrote: »
    Xcien wrote: »
    Add Vader to the (Sith) team. With the bonus TM from his AoE, he is devastating.

    he was in it:
    Is Sith team: ep(L), dv, count dooku, Sith assassin and Savage a good

    Oh, missed that.
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  • At equal gear levels and equal mods, the Sith you mentioned autoplay Phoenix if Palp has his zeta.
  • Thank you for all the replies.
    I will have a look at Piett because I need him for SEE in the future!
  • Artumas
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    For early game arena, building a palp-based team, I'd suggest...
    Palp (L) - Palp has the best general use lead for this team, and it allows you to have a much more effective team due to allowing both Empire and Sith characters.
    Vader: The main killing force, and your zeta priority - Merciless Massacre is easily one of the strongest abilities in the game atm. MM -> Palp lead -> No escape (for later teams that utilize stealth, etc.)
    Thrawn: Fracture is amazing, plain and simple. Turn swap with Vader can also be quite useful to help reduce MM's cooldown if you need to use it more than once to win.

    4th and 5th
    KRU - Despite not gaining any benefit from palp's lead, KRU is a VERY potent pre-taunt, with stun and tenacity down synergy for the palp team - He's easily one of the bulkiest characters in the game, and even if he doesn't "do" much, his pre-taunt alone will generally be worth the slot - I still use him for my vader team in TBs.

    BSF - Needed for DR, and has absolutely incredible control and sith synergy. She works so well under palp, and is probably one of the strongest possible additions.

    Piett - Piett likely won't do much without running a more dedicated empire team as far as his active abilities go, but his unique zeta will significantly power up vader and allow him to hit harder and land more DoTs.

    Traya - Her unique that almost entirely prevents sith from suffering from ability block, stun, etc. is WAY stronger than one would expect, and is nigh mandatory for facing higher end teams with a palp/vader team - particularly CLS, with han's tendency to stun vader. Her other abilities, like isolate, are also incredibly useful, particularly against multi-tank teams.

    Wat Tambor - Your actual optimal 5th, but one most new players won't have access to for a while.

    Other Empire/Sith tanks - Sith Empire Trooper, Shoretrooper, etc.
    Other potential support chars - Probe droid, Gideon

    Talking pure arena, Palp/Vader/Thrawn/BSF/KRU is probably going to perform the best out of what's available if you're still down in the "primarily vs phoenix" levels.
    With Gideon or Piett potentially replacing BSF if you don't plan to go for DR any time soon, but plan to go for SEE instead.

    KRU can also be freely exchanged with Geonosian Brood Alpha, I just personally find KRU to perform better on the team. But if you'd rather invest in Geos over KRU/FO, feel free to go that route instead.

    Traya is very dependent on what you're up against, as her main uses are healing immunity/isolate, and the debuff cleansing. Against something like CLS or FO, this can be super good, against something like Phoenix, it's rarely going to do much of anything at all.

    Wat would eventually replace BSF, so the "optimal" optimal team would look something like Palp/Vader/Thrawn/Wat/Shoretrooper, OR Palp/Vader/BSF/DR and Wat/Thrawn/Shoretrooper/SET/Traya for that 5th. The prior being more for later offensive use in TW/GAC, the latter being probably your best palp-led arena team. That said, DR lead would probably perform better in general in actual arena if you had him geared up to main arena team levels.

    I'm going under the assumption you don't have access to either Traya or Wat though, so Palp/Vader/Thrawn/BSF or Piett or Gideon/KRU or GBA is probably the lineup you'd be looking at.
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