Mod Challenges vs Battles?

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Wondering how you spend the majority of your mod energy? Challenges searching for a high level mod with speed and good secondary’s or in battles leveling up the green blue and purple mods you have hoping the speed secondary’s hit enough to make it meaningful to use
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  • Mix of both. I try to max out my inventory of mods, level them all up to reveal all the stats, then work on slicing everything with good speed. The. Repeat
  • I stopped farming slicing mats long ago, they pile up if you only slice mods that have the stats you want. I've been farming for crit chance triangles for a long time now, as that seems to be the mod I need most.
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  • So, I have a bit of an odd schedule w/ this.

    I farm Slicer Mats 5 days a week w/o refreshes (285 Energy/Day *5 Days) (All but Tuesday/Wednesday)

    Then, on the 2 "All Energy Day" half days, (Tuesday/Wednesday) I pick a single Mod Family that I'm short on or just need better secondaries, etc etc, & farm actual Mods in the Tier-5 Challenge for 2 days straight w/ 3 Refreshes each day (285+360 Energy * 2 Days).

    This allows me to support the Guild Achievements by saving my refreshes for those 2 days, AND, it allows me to better manage my mailbox & mods storage by consolidating all the Influx into a short time period so I can then immediately go in & Sell, Level, Sell, Slice, Sell, Equip, Sell & then be able to take in a few other mods from events before starting the cycle all over again the next Tuesday.

    I'd like to refresh every energy every day 3x a day but I don't make enough crystal income to support that, so, I maximize when I spend & if I end up building up a good sized nest egg of crystals then I'll do some extra refreshes on days I wouldn't normally.
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    I flip flop. Will farm slicing mats for two weeks then mods for two weeks. I do all 3 50 crystal refreshes on them every day. There is a great series on mods on youtube. Mods 101 or something along those lines.
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    Mix of both, right now I am slicing mods I built up so farming those. When I have sliced them as far as they deserve, I will farm more mods.
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    Mix of both.

    2-3 refreshes.

    Natural earning and bonus energy to materials.

    Then I split my refresh energy between mods and materials. Always doing one on each, but if I have the extra refresh available (I manage my income and spending) it will go to the one I am focused on, if im.near or at the max mod cap, it goes to materials to increase my slicing and mod movement. If I get to a point where I can bring in mods without hitting the cap put it towards bringing mods in.

    Do not avoid the store, picking up mods there is helpful, since you can pick a situational mod that you may need/want.
  • Great thanks for the advice
  • The answer to when to slice is always when you have a worthy mod. If that is not your method and driving factor in farming mats, you need a new method
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