Empire way too overpowered.

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I thought, “hmmm, an Empire trooper team. Over 30,000 power less than me. Surely I’ll win. Nope. Never got a single shot off. Not one single turn for me. That is a broken system. It doesn’t matter who my team was. Over 30,000 more in power and I didn’t get a SINGLE turn. Spoiler alert!!! The Empire loses in canon so why are they so powerful in this game? Why do I even have speed mods when obviously if I never take a turn it doesn’t matter?


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    Imp troopers can be very powerful (and the usual caveat of squad GP has very little to do with squad functionality applies). But they are very much a glass cannon.
    They rely heavily on their turn meter ‘train’ from buffs/kills and assists to keep the pressure on.
    But yes, you basically need to outspeed or debuff (daze/stun or buff immunity ideally), or counter attack them to death.
    If you have a .gg account, post it and we may be able to recommend some counters within your roster, or at least a path towards a counter you can work at.

    EDIT: oh wait, you are the ‘Bounty Hunters are cool and thus should beat everyone’ guy, aren’t you? I will also refer you to pretty much all of your previous threads and the bounty of helpful advice that has already been presented to you as potential workarounds...
  • Are you ever going to listen to anyone here, or just make posts here every weeks about how your awesome bounty hunters constantly get wrecked?
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    Bruh. Everyone says this
  • Nissa123
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    Imp troopers are an a tier team.
  • Can't Triumvirate auto them?
  • Okay dude, there are many counters for imp troopers. 1 of them is even BHiik3lwdm74ke.jpgrhbjjkw1wb9v.jpg2plgbvjov0bx.jpg

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    Controversial opinion incoming….

    You can farm troopers.
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    Crayons wrote: »
    Controversial opinion incoming….

    You can farm troopers.

    Legend#6873 | YouTube | swgoh.gg
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    Llennob wrote: »
    The Empire loses in canon so why are they so powerful in this game?

    You’re probably at Empire Strikes Back power level. Keep farming, you should reach Return of the Jedi level in no time and smash those imps.

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    @Llennob It looks like you accidently made a double post. You will find all the answers you need in your original discussion here:

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    This again...? As we have said before...refer to your other threads for the same advice that we gave you on how to beat Imperial Troopers with BH.
    "Thank you for evaluating."
  • Just make a new BH team with Bossk, Jango, Greef, Mando, and Boba. Put lots of speed on Bossk and Greef, and give the zeta to Mando unique. If you get a first turn and mass assist Gideon(or Piett) with Bossk, you will get a easy win.
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