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Anyone else only getting to the Disney/Lucasfilm screen? Can't seem to log in today even after restarting my phone.


  • Yup, updated, and now can't log in
  • Hortus
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    I couldn't login in about two hours today but eventually it worked.
  • I cleared the storage and cache and it still didn't work,
    So I did that again and then uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

    After that it was complaining immediately on starting that there was a connection problem (there wasn't).
    But I found that turning off WiFi allowed it to continue, and any time I turned on WiFi it had the connection issue.
    Eventually after it downloaded all assets via my 4G connection, then it allowed me to turn on WiFi and it worked, but not before that.
    I had to visit all the areas of the game until everything was downloaded before it worked.
  • Kyno
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    If clearing your cache and an uninstall/reinstall doesnt work, you need to report this to Answers HQ.
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