How to unstick swgoh from GooglePlay Store?

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support is sleeping as always since the update went life, so maybe you guys can help.
After updating the game and the following splash screen freeze I went to uninstall the app.

After reinstalling the game didnt recognized me and started as new player, one is asked to enter an age and I've entered something below 18+ ... now, when you enter an age below 18+ you won't be able to connect to your google play games account and the "connect" buton in the main menu from swgoh isn't displayed.

Now I'm looking to unbound this newbie account from my google play store but nothing has worked so far :(:'(

I've tried:
- reinstall swgoh, google play games
- deleting cache from play games, swgoh and play store
- removed swgoh from my game library

Any Ideas for this mess?
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